We went out and worked for a little while then went home. At night we got the call that both of us have changes so we started packing which I hate. I'm kind of sad. I’m not ready to leave but well I can’t do anything.

Woke up and packed more. Then we went to find someone to give us a ride, which actually took longer than you might think. Everyone wanted to but either their car was messed up or weren’t home. Finally we found someone that would. Then we went to say bye to some people. I had to leave some stuff ---box of new cereal, some towels that were full of soap, no matter how much I washed them, and some Spanish books. We got to the meeting late because our ride left late, which was gay. Well surprise, I was called to Durango and so was Elder Marin. We had, like a 3 ½ hour bus ride yikes. I'm in the area Guadalupe with Elder Vargas District leader. He is from Mexico, a native speaker. We went and taught a lesson then returned so that I could unpack all my stuff.

3-30-11 9 MONTHS!
For some reason our boiler didn’t work so I tried to heat up a bucket of water with a old iron that we have but that didn’t work so I showered cold using a bucket. We went to the district meeting and as my comp is DL so we had to go a bit early so that he could have his special meeting with the other leaders and stuff. I found out that Elder Gollner from the MTC is now in my zone that’s pretty cool. The zone leaders seem pretty cool. And the meeting was ok. Then we went back and worked. We taught a really cool lady that accepted her baptismal date and everything but lives in another zone---uhg. A good day of work we have high goals just didn’t find a lot of good people. We saw one guy painting his fence and asked if we could help he said no, but my comp said “no really” and grabbed a brush and started helping. Weird but it worked. We talked to Narciso again (we taught him yesterday also). I think that he will be baptized just that he needs to fix some of his problems and go to church. Well I’m wasted tired today I want to sleep.

Showered again with cold water from a bucket. Our money got here which was nice because my companion didn’t have anything. I helped my companion create some stuff for his district leader responsibilities. Then we planned for the week made something to get us pumped up every day. Went to eat at a sister’s house---Gorditas. She literally lives next door to the church---separated by a wall. We went out and contacted a whole bunch. Talked to some weird conspiracy theory guy who said stuff like Jesus as an alien and other weird stuff. We didn’t find anyone that was cool. It was a bit hotter today. I like my comp he his cool I will learn a lot from him. Well I’m really tired again night.

Today I kissed a girl so they are sending me to a new area now everyone thinks I’m a bad elder and stuff but she was really pretty. April fools

This morning we ran out of food, so we ran to the store really quick so that we could eat. Well I, at the very least, was able to shower with warm water today that was nice. Then we went and worked. Again worked hard but we just aren’t finding people that are going to progress. Then we ate dinner with the president of the young women she is like 21 and is a pistol, which means pistol. That means like a super person like they know what they’re doing and do it. She could really be good to work with. Well again I'm super tired.

Well we got to go to the first session today just so that my comp could do an interview for other Elders in our district that are going to have a baptism. It was a good session I liked it---almost fell asleep because it was hot and I’m always tired but still really good. After we went out and worked and for some reason we had less luck then normal and only talked to like old Catholics that just never understand and also a whole bunch of Jehovah’s witnesses. And my comp bashed two of the JW---it was funny. We went to talk to our ward mission leader and he is lame, as a leader he wouldn’t talk with us he just talked about a bunch of doctrine and stuff that didn’t apply. But he did feed us dinner and drive us home. Well our time changes tomorrow and hour ahead so we changed them today.

Well unfortunately our investigators didn’t show up---we tried to pick up two and neither couldn’t go or not home. I liked conference. We got to watch both sessions, in Spanish, but all good. I loved the talk and to be or not to be. Afterward we went out and worked. We taught one lady, she didn’t accept a baptismal date, but seemed to enjoy are message and said we could come back. Really that was about all.

Went to play soccer with the zone didn’t play long because the soccer ball broke way fast. We ate at some restaurant all together---it was ok. My zone is pretty cool.
Well I love you all.

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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