Well for some reason my alarm got messed up and so we woke up a bit late like 7:30. We had to leave really fast to go to district meeting. I got my package for my birthday. Yes! We got back and our room was flooded again---uhg! Opened my package thanks so much its awesome. I like playing chess with my comp. We went to eat and talk to a less active, who is going to have her girl, age 8, baptized---not a baptism for us. We ended up teaching the hermana's sister and as we were getting up to leave my comps chair that he was sitting on broke. It was so. We spent a bit more time fixing that the best we could. Taught a few more lessons and contacted but no one really special until the end of the day we went Hermana Zuje again. We had a lesson with her a few days ago and she seemed ok. Well today she was great and accepted to be baptized this April 24th. Huge change of heart---that was cool. Then her daughter 9 years old also accepted to be baptized. That made my day. We bought some hamburgers and cleaned the flood in our room.

Went out to contact in the morning and we didn’t really have luck. Basically no one had time to listen but to old guys who sucked. Then we went to eat where my stomach started to kill me for eating way too much yogurt in the morning. So needless to say I spent some time in the bathroom at the member’s house. Some lessons fell through---actually all the planned ones we had fallen through. We didn’t have the success that we had wanted. Then at the end of the day we ended up teaching some cholos, like gangsters, around 5 or 6 of them. In the middle of the lesson they pull out marijuana and started smoking right there and blowing the smoke onto us. Well after that we ended the lesson. We really smelt like smoke and we were a bit happier.
We are making some plans to work better with the members because there is no missionary-member work in this area at all. We then taught a super lesson today. The guys name is Manuel, and he really accepted everything very fast and wants to be baptized. In fact, even before we had explained what we were going to help him with and all he already was saying stuff like “I want all my family to join the church too and as you both continue to visit we can convert them all”. He has ten kids. At the end we asked if he would try to go to church with us Sunday and he said that he wouldn’t just try but that he would go. Wow! Pistola. Well the rest of our appointments fell through but overall good day.

I studied really well today and my comp gave me Jesus the Christ and the other books off the missionary list---in English. Well we walked to the furthest point of our area to see where it was and taught a lesson there to some kid that was like 17 years old. He had used drugs to get closer to God---hmm. Well he liked the lesson and accepted the challenge to go to church with us---that was cool. More contacting and the taught some old lady and her daughter-in-law, but the daughter-in-law probably won’t progress because of the old lady. Taught a family that consisted of two older people and their teenage son, and his friend. The parents were not accepting but the son accepted a baptismal date. We taught Zuje, she seems like she will progress but we have to work hard with her---not an easy contact.

We visited lots of people to remind them to go to church and everything and had another really good lesson with Manuel--he is cool. Most of our other lessons weren’t quite as good as the one with him. And for some reason I can’t really remember what else happened.

Stress! We woke up and got dressed and left. We had planned for the help of two members so that we could pickup everyone and one showed up. Then a bunch of the investigators weren’t home and we were late to others. In the end we only ended up getting two investigators to church. Manuel and Narciso. One more showed up a bit late named Victor and I’ve never met him. Manuel was very attentive--never looked bored, even in the Gospel principles class---with all the apostasy dang members. He watched the baptism of the little girl and seemed to really enjoy it. He is cool.

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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