Today we went out and put our clothes in water to soak with soap. After they had soaked for a while we washed our clothes using a washing board---that is not my idea of fun. We messed around making it more fun. We went out contacting and then we taught Narciso another lesson. We had a family home evening lesson with a less-active lady and her son, who will soon be baptized, and her non-member husband but the husband didn’t accept anything, although it was muy claro. But they did feed us dinner.

District meeting today and it was cool. We got in some good practices and we were able to feel the spirit and learn. Well we talked to Chuy, he was awesome before but now wants nothing to do with the church and feels way too much pressure to join the church. Our next appointment fell through so we went to contact. We went with Manual, the really cool guy, and we did like a pre-interview just to see how he is progressing and what we need to teach. We went over the 4 commandments---chastity, word of wisdom, tithing, and Sabbath day. He doesn’t have any problems with these! Thank you---he is a blessing. We went to talk to Narciso but he wasn’t home so we ended teaching a catholic lady who was not really interested. We taught a lady named Zugey, and her daughter, and we found out the Zugey has a tumor in her stomach---wow. But she promised to pray and read everything and go with us to church next time.

I studied the book Jesus the Christ today. Wow this is one great book read it. This morning we went to visit an old investigator to see if she would progress now and she is less responsive than before. Well we tried. We taught two old ladies and one accepted her baptismal date the other said no. We got to go eat a bunch of gorditas. Tried to talk to Chavela but she wasn’t home so went contacting until our next appointment, in which the president of the young women came with us. The people we went to teach are references. One is an old lady, who is taking care of her two granddaughters. They don’t understand too much but they are very cool and understand they want to go to the "sun". One of the girls is very shy and didn’t really talk much but the other accepted along with her grandmother a baptismal date. They are very cool. Then we contacted some more and then went to talk with the mission leader so that we could get some things decided about how we would all work. It took forever to come to a conclusion but we finally came to one, and have some good plans for the future, especially with working with the members. Then I called some of the other missionaries to get their numbers for the day usually my comp would do that since he’s district leader but his nose started bleeding profusely.

Planning session was interesting---let’s just say we ended up using sunscreen spray and lighters to make some cool flames after we had planned. We went online, with permission, to print of some things for our plan to work with members. We taught a drunk guy and his wife who I guess used to be investigators. Anyway the wife accepted a date and the drunk guy is really funny but it’s really hard to talk to him. We went out to talk to Manuel and he really is progressing well he is so cool.

Today we did divisions. I went with Elder Rodrick to his area. The first part of the day kind of sucked. Rodrick really wouldn’t let me talk---like I would mess up his investigators or something or maybe it’s just that he thinks that he teaches the best. But whatever! We went to eat at a restaurant of some members and I got gorditas and didn’t really like these ones and my stomach started hurting after them. We went and taught a guy that had been shot a whole bunch but lived and now has a bag holding in his fluids because he has a hole in his stomach. The lesson went well with him and I was able to talk more which was nice. We had a mutual activity set up with an investigator and his sister. I already knew the sister as she was interviewed the day of general conference by my comp to be baptized. And now her brother wants to be baptized and he is awesome and very prepared. After that we went back with them and taught their older sister the word of wisdom and it was the most spiritually powerful Word of Wisdom lesson I have had. We were given many things to say by the spirit----amazing.

I had a horrible night woke up twice with a very sick stomach. In the morning I met up with my companion and with the hermana's to work in their area---feed my sheep. It was good because we all went with the spirit to help them and unfortunately weren’t able to find too many people, but the blessings will come.

Well this was the worst Sunday I have ever had in my entire life. We went to pick up people but not one person came. They were either not home or maybe sleeping or in the case of Manuel, our cool guy, he was really sick and couldn’t go. Needless to say that stressed us out a lot. There was member baptism today. It was a good baptism. What was really cool was the spirit the girl has. She has Autism and it was just a really cool thing to see her baptized even if she can’t express what she felt. After the baptism we worked so hard contacting and found two really cool new people, who unfortunately, will be gone the next two weeks for vacations---that sucks especially since they aren’t even the same family, but in the samana santa, almost everyone has something going on. Well at the end of the day we went back home like 8:50 only to realize that we still needed one more lesson to get the minimum of 30 lessons in so we left and tried contacting some people nothing. We decided to go to Manuel’s. He was feeling a little better and he still seems to be progressing even though he couldn’t go to church. Anyway I think he felt really good that we visited him so late when he was sick. Well the day started off horrible but finished better. And we learned that we need to be more humble and trust more in the lord that may have been what we lacked.
Love you and bye

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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