Wow what a lazy day we didn't even wash our clothes...but we did get our hair cut. We went to talk to this family that we thought for sure would be baptized but it appears that they will not. It was the old lady and her two granddaughters. Well apparently her mother they old like 78 year lady ya her mom says that she cant change religion or they will force her to leave the house and no one of her family will talk to her. She says that about 50 years ago her sister changed and they haven't seen her since. Ahhh! Then we contacted and found this like 15 year old girl named Blanca who was really cool and accepted a baptismal date and everything hopefully everything goes well with her.

District meeting. Focused on putting baptismal dates. The coolest part was when we had a zone practice. I learned some really cool things like using a scripture to put the date and some other cool stuff. We got back and had to travel far to go eat and then return to talk with Pedro, he is like 19 years old. The lesson went well he accepted to pray and all but not to be baptized until he reviews an answer so who knows. We talked to Manuel and put another date for his baptism this May 1st. More door knocking. Not to much luck though so we went to talk to Narciso. He also has a baptismal date set for May 1st. The thing about him is he wants to be baptized and change but isn't really putting a lot of effort into changing. We ended up a bit late to our next appointment, which was a family home evening, and wow was it stressful. There were three non members there...two girls and then a mom of a 9 year old member. We taught very well but at the end the members decided to make it difficult and kept talking finally we were able to put baptismal dates for the girls and then we tried for the mom but her mom said no no, shes not ready and a bunch of stuff uhg. Anyway we finally got out of there a little late and the other elders from our district were waiting they live like 3 and half hours away so they had to stay the night for the interviews tomorrow. Anyway we played a board game with them then bed time,

The 4 of us left early in the morning to go to the stake center for the interviews with the pres. Of course like normal we all talked at first. I got a package of mini mamuts from Chuya, from my first area, that was cool. Then Malpika one of the zone leaders started shining everyone's shoes...that was cool. My interview went well with the pres--no problems. After my interview I went back out and Carla a recent convert of Rodricks and Archundias ward was there. I had talked to her a few times before and she's cool and she had made these pillows for some missionaries, me included. I'm so loved haha. Then we returned and had a absolutely horrible day. First we went to talk to Blanca, the cool 15 year old. Her mom said she wasn't home, even though we knew she was. Well we talked to the mom and she was telling us all the crap that has happened to her in her life. Anyway she says the Blanca read the pamphlet and shared it with her but her mom says that she is catholic and will never change. Needless to say Blanca will never progress even if she wants to. Then the two girls from the family home evening think there dad will say no and so does their mom so we just lost 3 cool people in one day and yesterday 3. After that i was pretty dead and didn't really want to do anything---luckily it was night and we returned and i went straight to bed.
My comp and I had to leave early again to go to a leadership training meeting and I had to go on divisions with Teran a gandul. So we got back and he slept until 11 and then I talked to him and we went to work. I guess he must think of me as a friend cause he worked with me pretty well. Unfortunately we didn't have much luck and really we didn't find anyone. We got out comps back. We got back and went to visit Manuel and he wasn't there apparently he had gotten a temp job for the week and wouldn't be back till next week, which sucks, but the poor guy needed a job, he was jobless for so long. So we went to visit a reference of an ex missionary. The reference also happens to be a Manuel. The lesson went well and he accepted a baptismal date---he is 14 years old. We went to visit orobaldo, he is an old guy, he is cool and would be baptized but has smoking problems and drinks coffee. Anyway after that we were finished but this day was a bit better.

Well our 1st lesson fell through so we came to the house to plan cause we couldn't do it for the week yesterday. Anyway as we were coming back there was all the Catholics doing there semana santa stuff like having a guy carrying a cross and stuff and the catholic church is in front of out house so that was interesting. After our planning we went to eat and it was horrible. The family just kept talking and bashing each other and every little thing. But the food was really good--fish. Then we went to talk to Pedro, the 19 year old, and the lesson didn't go as well cause in the end he didn't accept to go to church because it is to early. We went to contact and to talk with the two girls and there mom and they said that there dad say no way so we went to visit Sandra and her drunk husband (Francisco) to find out why they didn't go to church. They said they had had some issues but would go the next time. We taught plan of salvation it was difficult with Francisco cause he always talks so much. But Sandra accepted to be baptized that was cool. In the end of the day we taught this guy who is always wasted and this time wasn't and he wants to change.

Well I have to finish this next time we have to go. I didn't get a lot of time to write today cause we went to something called villas de oeste which was cool. I'll write more about that next time

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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