Well our first few appointments fell through so we contacted a whole bunch. After we ate we went to talk to Manuel but he is working and almost never is home. We were able to talk to Manuel, 14 yr old reference that we got. He is really cool and I’m sure he'll be baptized. We had to go to Elder Rodrick's and Archundia's area to do an interview for a baptism that they are going to have. Returned kind of late and went again to visit Orobaldo.

Manuel and his friend Luis went to church! Two others showed up with another family which was cool. Manuel really liked the church and has been reading the book of Mormon and we didn’t even ask him to---he is awesome. He really is a fast learner. After church we went to eat way far away and then we went back to Rodricks area for the baptism to help them out it went really well. Then we came back and contacted like beasts.

Today was really fun we washed our clothes quickly and then went with the zone leaders and the sisters to a place called villas del oeste. It’s like a western place and they do shows and stuff it was funny. And we all had a good time.

Well today is my birthday---20 years old. Went to district meeting ---nothing special, a few happy bdays and nothing else. After we went to the comida at a really cool family, but had forgotten it was my birthday. We went to a appointment, which was a surprise party with a few members a cake. After that we went out and worked at night. We went to an appointment, a FHE with the family we had eaten with in the afternoon, and they had lied. They had remembered it was my birthday and had a really super good cake prepared. All in all a really good day.

We did some contacting in the morning then went to talk with Manual, the older one, and again not there but tomorrow we are going and hopefully we should find him. Had a meeting with Manuel the younger. He is still progressing super well. We even got permission from his mom. YAY! We were able to meet with Orobaldo and he has officially given up smoking and drinking coffee and said he will go to church with us. That is super exciting.

We made some cool plans for references to make the members help us even more. We made a reference box. We went to see Manuel and still nothing with him but his daughter said tomorrow at 4 so we will go then. After we ate we went to see the other Manuel. Out of nowhere Luis who always listens but never seemed too interested, and who is cousin of a bunch of members, said that he want to be baptized and has asked permission already. YAY! Now we have two. Went to see a reference but she wasn’t there so we went out and contacted. And no one opened darn people

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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