Finally met my new companion he is cool. Elder Garcia stayed with us because he has to go like 3 hours away so he leaves tomorrow. I got the package you sent for my birthday. The spray fan is awesome. Thanks
We dropped off elder Garcia at the bus place at like 7:50 and then came back and studied and stuff. We went to the family of Nestor so my comp could talk to his parents and we washed our clothes there. Then there was some confusion with our comida and it fell through but the family of Nestor fed us they are cool. We talked with Manuel a little and then we taught Orobaldo. We made some other visits but many weren't home. We visited Marc Antonio and he was drunk again. That’s very depressing he was doing so well. He said that Saturday when we hadn't been able to visit him that Satan won and he fell back into his addiction.

We had district meeting. My companion had asked me to prepare a ten minute part of the meeting on any subject. I choose obedience---it went pretty well I think, although like everyone felt like I had bashed them personally---oops. The meeting started at like 12 today cause the trainers need more time with their greenies. So we got to the comida a bit late but we got there without problems. Then we visited Orobaldo. We think that he will probably be baptized this change. hna. Moncada made some visits with us, lots of walking, but good visits. She even bought us hamburgers. Yum!

Almost finished out super cleaning of the house because it’s pretty dirty. The house looks at least ten times better. We found some really cool people today that we have hopes for. Today we worked super hard and I’m dead tired.

We went out to work contacted a reference but she didn’t have time. Went to teach Luy but she was sick and couldn’t see us so we contacted but we didn’t have much success. We went to eat with the family Ruiz and they weren’t as bad as sometimes. Marc Antonio still drink we said if he doesn’t stop we won’t visit him again. More contacting. We picked up a family to do a FHE with the Moncada's. Unfortunately they are not married but live together. We put a date for the 29th of this month---and they accepted.

We talked to some agnostic guy who had some many crazy beliefs. Then we contacted and found this cool family. They all cried during the lesson. We had a million appointments today---a few fell through but others were awesome. We are teaching part a family three members. A mom, a 19 year old girl, and a 14 year old boy. They are a bit weird but seem to be progressing well and said they would go to church. Then we talked to Orobaldo. At the end of the lesson I actually ended up letting him borrow my bible. He said that he has never had his own nor had someone let him borrow one. He was grateful and my comp said that he was going to give him one. We just have to hope he goes to church tomorrow.

Sunday today and we had to pass for some people with our mission leader but we only got the one family that we have but that was still really cool. Then at church some girl had come with Adriana, the cool member. The Young Woman’s president, who actually moved, came today and brought someone. She is so cool. Anyway church went well even though all of the people we wanted didn’t show it was still good. Then we went to eat way far away with the bishop. We got back a bit late and my stomach was really hurting so we didn’t really work we tried to visit a few people but no luck.

Tried to do an activity with the zone but the zoo we were going to go to was closed and we figured that out when we got there. So we all just walked around the center area. And bought food and talked-- kinda boring. We got back and went to wash our clothes but the water wasn’t working so we have to do it tomorrow.

Elder Keefin

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