We had to wash out clothes because we couldn’t do it the other day. As our clothes were washing my comp splashed me with water then two others two, which at the end became a huge water war all of us were soaked.

Well our first appointment fell through. So we contacted until the comida. Well the people we were supposed to eat with weren't home so we ate with Hermana (Hna) Moncada and set up some visits with her. The last visit we made was the family of 3 people that had gone to church with us. Then we met up with Hna Adriana who also came with us. The lesson went ok but the family is weird and laughs a lot…for no reason.

We were still having problems with water seeping up through our floor in the kitchen area so we cleaned that all up and then threw the rest of our trash away. I had to close the water off from our sink and we hope that may fix the problem. We planned quick and the zone leaders came over so that we could do divisions. I left with Elder Malpica (ZL) to his area. We went to a comida at a house and the hermana put a chile in the quesadilla and it was way hot. We went out to work a few of his appointments fell through then we knocked doors but his area was quite dead at least this part and we had almost no luck. Then we returned at like 7:30 to have a FHE with the Moncada's with 4 missionaries that was fun.

Well in the morning my comp and I had to go to Mezquital to do divisions with them. Also they wanted help clearing out there font again. Lucky it was empty and there font was working again so we just helped them clean then I went with Elder Archundia to my area. We went to a few appointments that we had, one was the old guy orobaldo who looks a bit better from his baptism. We then made a visit with Adriana to our family of 3. The mom wasn’t home but a friend of the family was. So we taught him he had way weird beliefs---agonistic I think---like reincarnation and stuff. Well I taught basically everything cause the other Elder and the member didn’t have an idea of what to say. But at the end he seemed to accept the message. He at least accepted to read the Book of Mormon.

Well this morning was crazy. Elder Malpica told me that I had to talk with Elder Can and tell him that Daniela can’t be baptized this Sunday because she doesn’t know our bishop. So I tried calling him no answer. Then I called Malpica telling him that I didn’t get an answer and we thought that maybe Elder Can wanted to steal the baptism again. But Malíca told me that the number had changed. So I called him and told him that unless Daniela meets that bishop today and is interviewed there will be no baptism. We then went to Daniela's house to see if she could go to the church at 6 to talk to the bishop she said yes. I had to call the Bishop and Elder Can to meet us all at the church. Well after a bunch of stress it worked out. Phew! After that my comp came back and we had to go to the church at 5. We had a lesson with a girl named Sam who has been going to church for a while. We placed a baptismal date for the 29th and she accepted cool. Elder Malpica got there late so we all went to Daniela's aunt's house, where she goes a lot, and met the Bishop and Elder Can. She passed the interview and they will go to our sacrament meeting tomorrow. We were able to get the font filled part way. Stressful day but successful.

We passed for some investigators and got a good amount. At church we actually had 5 people, first timers, and 4 there second time---cool. The baptism of Daniela’s went well. Elder Can baptized her. We went to eat lunch with hna. Moncada and I learned to play a song on the piano. It’s called the heart and soul song. We brought our clothes to a member so she could wash them tomorrow. Not much else except a really successful day.

We played soccer and basketball I did pretty well with basket but I’m out of shape and out of practice but still really fun. Well we are going to cut our hair love you all bye

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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