We had to go the bus station again. To wait with Malpica cause his companion left for the day to do divisions with one of the assistants in Torreon. Then Elder Welch, the other assistant, came here. We all went straight to the district meeting. We had some appointments fall through. We went to we had a lesson with Sam in the church. She is a little slow but as long as her parents say yes we can baptize her cause she wants to. Then with Grizelda and her fam. Adriana came with us. Grizelda talked forever about her hard life and it was a bad life. Imagine a child called it, but her husband is the one the treated her bad.

We tried to go to an appointment but no one was home so we went contacting and found some people that have potential. We talked to Orobaldo. We said we would visit him less and he was fine with that---he said one day he will be baptized but he doesn’t want a goal date set. We went to eat and unfortunately for me Chili Rellenos---my stomach wasn’t very happy. Lucky no vomiting this time. Then we talked with Manuel's parents, the cool kid I baptized, to see if they would let the little brother get baptized. They said they would think and pray about it. We visited Brenda and she seems to be progressing that is good. At the end of the day we had a super cool lesson with a widowed father of 4---3 which are of age to be baptized and they accepted to all be baptized.

Planning and then we went and ate with the family Pasillas. They cooked us carne asada---yum. We went and taught Sam again in the church and she said that her dad said no about the whole baptism thing. We visited Grizelda again for some reason. And she was even more weird than normal. Then we talked with Frances who has been to the church a million times and says she is waiting for her brother to get back from the mission to be baptized but we talked with her about it like always but this time she accepted a baptismal date---sweet!

Well I’ll have to finish next time. We have to go do something right now bye.

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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