We went and made some visits and contacting and it started getting windy and blowing on us…even started to sprinkle a little, enough dirt blowing around that we took a refuge break in a member’s house. Next we talked to Antonio Manuel's brother and his mom to see about his baptism. As we were walking there we found a pig and got a picture first then went to his house. The mom is convinced more or less but the dad will be a problem I think. We had a really good lesson with them. The spirit was strong. Jose the dad smokes but he says that he will stop it no problem. He is cool.

We had some good plans to visit people in the morning but like normal appointments fell through…. they can choose whether they want to accept the message and the peace it brings or they can choose not to. We had to go to Mezquital to do some interviews. One of the interviews was with hno., Pedro. He is the last of the cool family to be baptized. My comp left to do another interview while Archunida and I stayed to fill out some paper work. We visited a recent convert of theirs---she is really doing well. I had taught her before and it’s amazing to see how much happiness the gospel has brought to her life. We talked to grizelda and her family and they accepted a baptismal date.

We ended up picking up Grizelda and Brenda for church. We had 10 people at church that was cool. Went to Mezquital for the two baptisms.

This is the second crappy day of the week. Here is why today sucked. Antonio’s probably going to say no to baptism. Then Grizelda and the fam had some issues with their family---saying they would not help them if they were baptized and that she would lose her job. We said it was a test but they still said no. Lucky Jose y fam are super cool and all is going well with them. One the way home a huge sandstorm attacked us caking us with dirt haha.

We talked to a friend of a member, actually one of the people that helped make my cake, but she didn't really care to accept the message. We went with the mission leader’s wife to a reference her sister. The lesson went well but lasted forever long. So we were late to our next appointment and no one home so we went with Jose and another really good lesson with the spirit present.

Antonio’s dad said no cause he is to young. Meeting with Jose everyday to make sure everything goes well.

In the bus station again cause my poor companero had to go Santiago like 3 ½ hours away on his b-day. I got to be in a trio with Roderick and his comp Elder Hernandez. Well like normal, lots of citas fell through. During contacting we found an inactive mother and child and invited them. It was a lesson reminding them of the covenants they had made.

Well almost all of the appointments that we had in the morning fell through and we just ended up walking a whole lot. We went to our area for the interviews and they all passed. We made some quick good bye videos for Pres and hna Clark cause they leave next month. Then we started filling the font and ate with a family.

Today we only had one investigator at church---that was disappointing. The baptizisms went great and the stake presidency talked. I baptized the two youngest and my comp the two others. No problems and very spiritual.

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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