I started doing pushups again and man I woke up super sore…especially my triceps. District meeting and we had to practice singing a song for our next mission conference. We are going to have the last one with pres and hna clark. Our district planned something that should be funny. At the end we are going to do some kind of cheerleading thing. Elder Roderick will shout give me a C then he will create a C with his body then we shout C. Then my will the same with an L and so on until it gets to me. I do a K…..Clark. We talked to the Sister of Hermana Matti, the mission leader’s wife. Dang she talks so much, she has lots of questions and problems. We spent like 2 hours or more there. We also gave her a blessing. Then we taught Jose and his family about the Holy Ghost which they are about to receive.

Well today wasn't the best of days because we had to contact a ton. All of our appointments fell through, and it was hot. The few lessons that we did teach weren’t all that great either---well anyway there are always days like this nothing to worry about.

Today we passed some old guys cutting a branch from his tree and having problems doing it so we stopped and helped him. They we very grateful. The appointment fell through that we had so we went to eat. After we had to go to the house because the Elders from Santiago arrived because we have to all go to the conference tomorrow. We ended up going on splits with them and every single one of the appointments we had fell through.

Zone conference…it was the Presidents last conference they leave the 30th of this month. This in my opinion was the best zone conference because it wasn't just practices the whole time. It was on truly becoming converted. Becoming our best converts. Because there are many x missionaries that go inactive and they want to stop that. We got to see and listen to a really good talk by Holland also. It was very powerful everyone was very quiet because the spirit was so powerful. Then when we got up to sing we decided not to do the funny part, not feeling it would be appropriate. Anyway it was a really cool conference. . At the end the zone leaders had put a video together with all of us saying what we felt about the pres and his wife. I got a package from the ward for my b-day, a bit late, but tell everyone thanks. Then we got hot dogs for lunch.

We had some good lessons in the morning. I felt the spirit pretty strong. We talked with Jose and family and somehow ended in a water fight. That was fun.

Only one investigator at church today. The family we baptized got confirmed today. When we arrived at church the bishop asked if we could talk during Sacrament because he didn’t know if anyone was asked. The whole time I was preparing---well reading one of my prepared talks but in the end we didn’t have to give one because two people did have prepared talks cool
Well I love you all

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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