We had a comida with the Pasillas family---they are really cool. Met with Jose and family just to invite then to a family home evening in the night, which turned into a water fight. We brought Jose and fam and investigators to the family home evening with the Moncada's and it was really good everyone enjoyed it a lot.

WE had a lesson with Juan Ramon. We have taught him once before but he didn't go to church. This time he looked really good and even accepted a baptismal date, which was cool. Then we contacted and found this lady who looks really cool. She does also seem to have a lot of problems. Like for instance her husband and her just separated because her husband punched there two month old baby. She said they she wants to go to church because she needs the blessings. Then we went to the church and taught Daniela and her non member friend. We met with Breda and we taught her the word of wisdom which went well.

We did divisions today. My comp to Santiago and I went to Mezquital. A lot of the time we spent walking for nothing. I wanted to say bye to some people. At the end we had an activity in the church for father’s day and they had some investigators there. The Sister missionaries showed up because we gave them a reference ---Victor, the boyfriend of a person in our ward. Anyway he came and they taught him.

In the morning we taught one of their investigators, who man is so golden he actually contacted them to be baptized. He likes a lot of stuff about the church but had some bad experiences with members. Anyway he was really cool. Then we contacted.

Well I had to give a talk today---dang bishop didn’t tell me until right before like 20 minutes. I said bye to most everyone. I was pretty sure I would have changes. Well the rest of the day was spent saying bye to people--- pictures all that good stuff. The Pasilla family had some food and a going away happy father’s day and happy birthday party all in one. We picked up our clothes that a sister had washed for us and well that’s about it. Except that at night I received the crappy call that I have changes---that sucks. I made a lot of friends here and we have some people that can progress.

I was called as district leader---back into the really hot place. I am going up to Torreon. I was so surprised that I got called as DL that I said o fetch out loud--basically everyone laughed especially at my surprised face. Well my new comp seems cool although the area is two wards so Sundays will suck. We have no investigators so a lot of work but here we go. Also my old comp, Elder Vargas, the big, one is now my Zone leader and I’m his DL.

Well love you all bye

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