First district meeting will be Wed so I started to study for it. It was on the mission purpose or doctrine of Christ. Then we had a good companionship study, which was nice because a lot of my comps never did it with me. Teal, thank you so much for the fan---it’s so hot here I always use it to study with. Out to work---lots of contacting because every appointment fell through. We found some people that have possibilities. I had to take the district numbers so I couldn't exercise this night. I’ll have to get my schedule planned out better.

Today was my 1st district meeting as DL so in the morning I finished studying and creating the lesson for it. We had to get there a bit early to talk with the ZL’s. They gave me and the other DL in the zone a few tips and announcements and. I feel I did a pretty good job for my first time and so did the ZL’s and the elders from my district. My district they all seem pretty cool. As we were contacting later on in the day we found this cool guy named Francisco. He accepted the message well and understands that his baptism isn't valid (he is a Christian), although he didn’t accept a date cause he wants to go to church and pray first.

We planned really well today. Filling out the paper work and everything. I just want to be a good example. Contacting and taught some people that probably won’t progress but I guess we'll see. We tried contacting again later but basically no one opened their doors---that was gay. We got together with our Ward Mission Leader, his wife and daughter isn’t members so we will work with them. Then we talked with Paulina. She is 9 and is ready to be baptized and wants to be but the elders have never gotten permission from the mom so I said let’s call and talk to her. Well my comp called and talked and she said yes and that night signed the paper cool a baptism for this Sunday.

This morning we went to teach a lesson and a member stopped us on the street. He had a non member friend over so we taught her. This got us to our next appointment late. A lady and her neighbor. We have taught them before. Because we were late the neighbor left, thinking we were not coming, so this time we just taught the lady and one of her daughters. After that we had a lesson with Paulina, who will be baptized. We tried again with Francisco but he just started working and wasn’t home---darn.

We had a lesson with Maria her neighbor Veronica and her two daughters. The lesson went well and they will all go to church. The problem is that they will all go on a two week trip to work. But we told them to go to church there. The lesson lasted forever long though they had lots of comments and questions and stuff. We went to pick up Paulina so she get to church for her interview. She passed! We went and talked to Francisco, who said that his job is really busy and that this Sunday he can’t go but the next he will. I started making my comp do exercise with me he does lots less but with time he'll get better.

Well in the morning I called the investigators to wake them up and remind them to go to church. I learned that from my last comp. We ended up with 4 at church. Maria, her daughters, and their neighbor. It was stake conference and first it was a special meeting for new members and investigators. Pres and Hna Clark were there and both talked. The real meeting started after that and they both talked again. Paulina got there late. I was getting a bit worried but the baptism went really well. Pres Clark spoke again---poor guy. Made some plans with our mission leader and talked with some less actives.

We got up and went to wash our clothes. I had to take my suit and some ties to be washed for my year present. Somehow in the move I lost one of my long sleeve shirts. Now I’m down to one. Anyway its gonna cost me like 160 pesos to wash it all. We played soccer with some of the zone and some random people. We ended up winning one game---it was fun. Gotta go. I'm going to go get my hair cut
Well that’s about all love you guys

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