Well something happened and the hna never showed to cut my hair. She had other people waiting for haircuts. One of them was another Hermana and her son. Her son is Autistic so I talked to her awhile about what Mom and the girls do. Pretty cool

Dang was it super hot here---around 104 degrees. We had to walk a lot because only two of our planned lessons came through---of course. We then knocked doors hard core and contacted some Christians. Well they said something bad about our church so I got a little mad and started bashing them. But decided I’d better calm down and just talk. I stopped talking to the old lady one but calmly. Well my comp continued bashing them. At the end I got everyone calmed down and we left.

Well we had a cita with fransisco and we convinced him to pray to find out what he needs to know---if he needs to be baptized or do nothing else. He said he would. We got to the district meeting, although a bit late. I picked up my suit, nicely washed and so nice looking again. We contacted a ton on the street and ended up bashing, with love, with some catholic lady. About prophets today in these times. We talked with Nadia and accepted her fecha but is not married to her guy.

1 YEAR!!! Crazy, so fast. Today I was thinking back to just entering in to the MTC and not having a clue what was going on and not understanding nothing of Spanish---haha good times. Well we planned quick because we had so citas---they all fell through. We ate with a cool family again. Two return missionaries, one a guy the other a girl---both are cool. The burning of my shirt which was awesome.

Crappy day! Although it looked like it would be a cool day all cloudy and not deadly hot. We started working really good but well no one wanted to listen or didn't even open there doors. Then the appointments also fell through---well it kind of ruined the day. People we thought would/could progress started telling us ….no they don’t want anything. At night the zone leaders told me about the new pres. And they say he is cool and that we get to have a conference with him on Sunday at 7 in our church building. They also said that we don’t have minimum numbers now---only very high numbers. Right now our weekly numbers have to be: 140 contacts 30. It’s going to be 210 contacts and 40 lessons and we have to visit 20 less active inactive families a week too. Ahh! That’s going to be hard---we have trouble with the other numbers.

Cool morning because it was raining. It had stopped by the time we left. We contacted and nothing. Then some old guy stopped us and told us he had been reading the book of Mormon and had one and that he had some questions for us. Well we went to the park close by and talked to him. He was a bit drunk and weird. Then some other guy stopped and asked us for money while talking to the old guy. I told him we don’t have money just a message about God and the happiness he can find. So he started talking with us too. Then out of nowhere the weird drunk guy was like “…well us 3 as missionaries can help you if you read this the bible”, which was the book of Mormon. When he said us 3 missionaries I was like what the heck, when did we get a third member. My comp just laughed---it was funny. At the end they left with a pamphlet---I don’t think we'll talk again. We talked with a guy in the park who was kind of cool. He said he may go to church but that he has to help his friend move. When we return with him he will have many questions for us. But he didn’t accept baptism. Then the rest of the day was crappy ---basically the whole week.

We somehow ended up with one investigator at church that was cool. We did the “we need references thing” with the members again. Second church (we have two wards that go to this building so we have to go to both churches) started and we had a kind of cholo guy show up alone---that was way cool. And Marta, a lady that never got confirmed, and went to another church, but she and her daughter went. We will baptize them I bet. We had to leave early at 2 we had to be in the other stake center, because a missionary here, an American escaped from the offices, and no one knows where he is at. So we all went out on a huge search that finished at 5 and no luck. We then went to the Stake Center to eat and to wait for the elders to show up. Elder Porter and his comp and Elder Lunt and his comp were there. Was cool to get to see them. We had two zones and lots of friends---it was way cool. We met the new mission pres---he seems cool, so does his wife and his two younger kids that were with them. He then explained the whole new number goals and that we have another responsibility to train the kids getting ready to leave on the mission and get them out---two per companionship. Dang we will be very busy. Wish us luck. Well love you all so much bye

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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