We talked to Alfonzo in the park in the morning---hopefully he progresses. He needs to go to church this week or we drop him.

Well today was crazy. 1st we contacted like an hour then to the district meeting. After that the Elders from La Ventana came back with us because we have interview with the pres. We bought food and then went on splits. Everything got all screwy from that point. The zone leaders called and told us that the pres was taking to long with his other interviews so we should continue working and they would call us when it was time. We continued splits. I called my other elders in the district too also do splits with other missionaries because they also live far away. The splits went well, although Elder Del Oarte and I only had one person tell us to come back. Finally the pres got there and started the interviews.

Today we met with Elders Lopez and Jensen in Torreon---half way point divisions today. Before we separated Elder Lopez bought us stuff called biria, which is like cow colon or something, but tastes really good. Then to La Hermita, a rancho, a small farming town--- I don’t know how you'd say it in English. Anyway it was like 40 minutes out. A lot greener then where we are normally but still very hot. We saw the cool, big river they have there. I got to hold a baby pig. Pretty good day I guess. I got to know Elders Ermita and Lopez some.

Got back together with our comps then more cow colon. We visited a less active guy and then went to eat---menudo, which is cow stomach. I have lots of cow insides inside me ahha---which I think was the cause of our bathroom break later on :) More contacting, some lessons visiting some members for references----didn’t receive any. We gave the last lesson with the one girl that’s like 17 that Del orate and I contacted. Anyway she was there we talked with her and put a baptismal date and she accepted yay. Her name is Eicel. And she was like so when will you guys come---I’m always here so whatever day you guys want so we go back tomorrow! Good day.

Super hot this morning and my comp wasn't feeling so well so we had to take a tiny break. He ended up calling Hna Flores, the mission pres's wife, to see what he needs to take as medicine. We had an appointment with an investigator that Porter and my comp had contacted during splits. She won’t progress sadly. She gave us Arabic food, which wasn't the best thing I’ve ever had. At 6 we had a lesson with Silvestre----kind of cholo looking guy. Anyway it went well he told us lots like that he had killed someone in self defense so he'll have to talk to the pres before baptism but I think he'll get baptized. We then had the next appointment with the chinqua, Eicel again. It went well she is smart and we even got to kind of meet the rest of her fam. Then it starting raining pretty hard and we got to walk back in it. The streets were flooded so out shoes and soaks got soaked---good adventures.

Well Silvester and Eicel came to church. Yay! They both seem to be progressing well enough. Hopefully this next week we have more people at church though. We did contact like 210 people though that is so freaking many.

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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