We went in search for some old investigators and no luck. We did talk to Francisco, one old one investigator, who looked like he could have been cool but I don’t think he'll progress now. He fell because his sister is some Christian and always says stuff to him. Contacting less actives--- no luck. Contacting in the street and knocking doors nothing. We then met with Eicel and still she is progressing well and understands everything.

Bathroom like 3 times this morning but that’s normal---ha-ha! We contacted while walking to my district meeting. This time I talked about sanctifying. I think it was the best and most spiritual district meeting I’ve had. I used two of your scriptures dad---thanks. We met with Eicel----it went good like normal. Silvestre next---he brought his 11 year old son this time. We taught them the Word of Wisdom. Unfortunately they like their coffee---uhg---they said they would pray though.

We stepped into the blazing sun walking on the brown dirt concrete, our footsteps echoing into the distance. Starting down the hills we walked with conviction. We made our way to a house and I pulled out my rock and lifted my hand. I used the rock to knock on the fence surrounding the house. We knocked doors and that didn’t go so well until the last door we knocked. We were in luck, the last one; a man walked out and asked us to please come in. He and his wife both listened and at the end told us we were like an answer to their prayers and that they had read that the lord would send someone to knock there door with the truth and they accepted there baptismal date cool. Well the rest of the day didn’t bring such luck but whatever. Another lesson with Eicel this time and an ex missionary, Bibi, came with us---she is cool. Afterward we had a FHE---cool stuff.

Note: Julie and I were wondering what this was all about so we emailed Elder Bickmore after we read this. He responded the next week this way. “I was bored so I made it a story haha. Yes its true I just made it detailed.”

More fun in the bathroom, lucky I have Imodium---good stuff. We went and ate Gorditas with a lady that still needs to be confirmed and then she tells us that she treated some of our comps in Mapimi. She is a doctor (Elder Lunt is in Mapimi). She said he almost fainted when she had to give him a shot so I called him and made fun of him. We met with Alfonso in the park but he isn't progressing so we won’t be going with him now. I went to eat and I fell asleep in the house. I wasn’t really feeling good and then I just got over it and we worked, didn’t matter how I felt.

Another hot day so we decided to knock doors where we haven't ever been before. More people were at home but very Catholic, although we did find out where some members live. They gave us some references but no one was home. We visited a less active but nothing came from that so just a normal day. At the end we found this cool lizard in our house so of course I caught it which caused it to lose its tail, poor guy---oops. Just depends on how tomorrow goes for us to see if it was a good week or not.

We taught Silvestre and two sons but only one is of age. Next we taught Eicel, which was cool. They all seem to be progressing. We worked afterward contacting and placed a few appointments that may be cool people. But the two people we found that apparently we were an answer to their prayer didn’t come so we’ll have to see what happened.

Soccer today and I got my butt hurt but its all good and it was fun. Two zones got together and I got to see some friends.
Well love you all so much

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