My tailbone was starting to feel lots better but my comp wasn’t feeling so good. So we called Hermana Flores, the president’s wife. She said to consult a doctor so we went to a small clinic doctor. He told him to buy 3 different types of medicine---poor guy. Lucky there is a sister here that said she'd find the medicine for him free. Then we went to find some references----and nothing. We started contacting in the burning sun until 7:30pm. We had a meeting with our bishop and mission leader at the point. It was good hopefully we can get some results out of him and the ward.

Crazy morning! We went to get the medicine for my comp from the sister. As we were walking there some guy stopped us and then talked to me in English---said he just needed to talk about God and stuff. We finally got the medicine and then we had to leave for the district meeting but some old guy said “hey help me really quick to push my car to start it”, so we did and then we missed the bus and we had to wait a while for the next bus. Needless to say it was way slow and we got there late. It was good though. Later when we were going to eat the lady that was going to feed us was outside bashing someone about her beliefs and stuff saying that if she wants to be happy she has to change with us and that she is lost cause she is Catholic and well she was right but it was pretty harsh. I tried to save the situation but she wasn’t really receptive. Later on why we were contacting some lady stopped us and again in English (my poor comp). She is from Texas and speaks very bad Spanish---haha. Anyway we made another appointment with her. We talked about faith with Eicel and we are going to fast so she has to get permission. Then my comp had to take some medicine in a way that was not very cool for him---funny stuff

It was cloudy today, thank goodness. We contacted without results. We contacted one reference that we had. She was a bit weird, like talking about her visions about seeing Moses and stuff but we didn’t judge her. We taught instead the restoration and for some reason my comp brought a pamphlet (in English). I didn’t know we had them in English. We think it’s a sign for him to learn English, although he doesn’t want to. After that we talked to another guy that talked a little English also---Mexico has gone crazy! At night a big rain storm really cool lightning bolts and thunder. I stood out in our porch and got drenched---good stuff.

A lot cooler today. After the rain storm so we went out with our mission leader from the other ward. His name is Morelos and he probably works more than any other member. Anyway he went out with us contacting. Nothing new---a good lesson with Silvestre, though he is excited for his baptism. yay!

We had 3 appointments in the morning, 1 which actually was there. That was Heather, the lady who only speaks English. Basically I had a good lesson with her and she says she wants to go to church tomorrow---I hope so. We went out to find someone that was an investigator a long time ago but the bishop and the leader mission from Morelos, the working one, were the only ones cleaning the church when we walked past so we helped them instead. More people arrived later of course. At the end we played like 15 minutes of basketball, it was fun; although I feel a little bad we played instead of working. But we did make a visit, with the bishop, to a less active at the end of the day that was good.

No water at our house, at all, that means no showers---nothing! I used my bottled water to kind of get my hair calmed down and brush my teeth. Silvestre and Eicel came to church but no one else that we were hoping---that sucked. At least Silvestre was there. We got everything planned for Silvestre’s baptism. The bishop will baptize him---that’s cool. Some contacting, but my comp wasn't feeling good so we just went to a members and he drank water and went to the bathroom---still no water in the house.

Still no water---how gay! Our neighbors that live on top of the hill don’t have water either. We went to town to wash clothes and eat breakfast.

Love you
Elder Keefin Bickmore

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