Water finally! We both showered because, well we stank.
We contacted like mad in the morning and then we tried visiting various people but our luck, although better than usual wasn’t very great. We encountered one person, a old investigator---who knows if she progresses. We tried a few others but without luck. We went to a meeting with a few of our priesthood leaders (Bishop. mission leader, and another guy). We got some good things discussed so hopefully the work picks up. We left and I decided that I wanted to do something cool for my district for the last district meeting together so we went to a store and I still had some money left, cause I’m good at saving. I spent like 100 pesos on my peeps. Chips cookies and soda and juice. I did teach them a lesson but we ended early and we had our little party :) Going back to our area I fell asleep on the bus and my comp got off at our stop---not even noticing that I wasn’t with him. I woke up a tiny bit later and didn’t see my comp so I got off super fast. I had to laugh, but was also a bit worried. We got back together though like 2 minutes later. We taught Eicel and her friend. We read Alma 32. Silvestre had his interview with the president and well…he didn’t pass---noooooo! He has to have permission from the prophet---nooo. Crappy end of a day. We both were very down.

I studied really well this morning, really enjoyed it and for some reason i didn’t feel down anymore. Though my comp still wasn’t doing well. We went with the family Puga, less actives, and they revived us pretty good. We read together mostly---the dad has the problems. Sister Puga asked if we would come back every week to help them with her husband. Sure why not. We tried to find some old investigators from long time ago and got told to return next week. Now Heather, the one that speaks English, says she doesn’t want anything to do with us.

Hna Marta bought us Gorditas again---yay! This time she and her daughter are going to church for sure. I had my first interview today, Ermita. It was cool. Guadalupe was cool I got to know her some then the interview and she passed---cool stuff. Taught Eicel again.

Well Elder Roderick called me and gave me some bad news. Hna. Mayela, a lady from Mesquital, who I knew well (her family also) died. It was a bad way to start the day. First time I’ve cried in a while. Today just sucked---up to that last part. We taught Hna Marta and her daughter, and her daughter accepted a baptismal date.

We got to church and Eicel is there of course. Silvestre couldn't go but some guy who the bishop has been inviting for some time went and he was cool. We set up an appointment with him. Morelos shows up and Marta (and her daughter). Then another reference showed up but she isn’t from our area. She seems way cool. Who knows if will want to go to the ward where she should go or to ours because she has her mother in law here. We thought there might be changes so we said some goodbyes but ended up no changes---yes! We are both cool with that.

Hardcore cleaning today and then got a haircut. We went to visit with a less active reference.

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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