I bought a cool darkish purple tie today. The new Elders in my district are Elder Avila (he was changed for doing stupid things and was senor companion and now isn't) and Elder Romero. I knew him in my first district. Elders Avila and De olarte stayed at our house.

We had a companion study this morning with all 4 of us—good study time We had a good day---no success but we worked hard and felt good about it.

So tired, I don’t know why. During our personal study both of us fell asleep. Then we did some contacting before District meeting. I personally didn’t like it but my comp said I did well. We had to go forever far out to get to the comida and we didn’t know where the house was so we were looking for another members house to ask for direction and they weren’t home. Another member showed up and took us to the correct house but the Hermana wasn’t home so the Hermana that brought us took us to her house---that was cool. Then worked and nothing. We had to go to the church to wait for Gerardo, who went to church Sunday---had a good lesson.

We studied really good and talked about how we can be better and fix stuff. Unfortunately it lasted a too long and we missed our lesson with Marta and her daughter (irony?)! The rest of the day actually went well---the majority of our appointments went well and we taught a lot of lessons although many just to less actives but still. Also today the people that were supposed to feed us weren’t home and so we went again with different members---cool people. Our church bldg. here is going to close and the two wards will go to different buildings, at the same time, so we won’t be able to go to each ward. We’ll have to send one set of missionaries to each ward. This will go on for 2 months.

We had to leave the house 7:20am cause we had to meet with the zone leaders and another DL (Elder Harman) to all go to a leaders meeting thing. My comp went with Elder Harman's comp and we left. I got to see lots of friends, especially kids from my generation. Elder Harman, Lambert, Young, Butterfield, y Rasmussen. The meeting was so long, like 8 hours, although it was good. We learned some good stuff.

Nothing special until the comida and then the Hermana had us help her move some branches in her yard---service. Finally someone that lets us do it. We asked help from some members to get people to church.

Sucky Sunday! Martha and her daughter didn’t come because she didn’t get home until 30 minutes before church started from her work. We had others but only one that is from our area the rest references and really cool but not from our area so they don’t count---how freaking gay. We went and taught afterward.

Played soccer! I was sucking as normal. At the end though I got mad and just attacked the ball and saved a really cool goal. As we were coming back from the end of soccer the cellphone dropped out into the bus seat and i didn’t notice until after I had gotten off and the bus was already at the next street. So I took off running, like a beast, super-fast and almost caught it but it wasn’t stopping. I tired out so we got into a taxi and, like an action movie; my comp was like follow that bus. We took off swerving through traffic and just as we caught the bus it left again. We finally caught it and got on and there was the phone. I was scared for a moment that it would be gone

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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