Another leadership meeting---this time more focused on District Leaders and Zone Leaders and their responsibilities. My comp had to also go as they wanted all of the junior comps there, to prepare them or something. Dang lots of changes are going to happen. First off, I’ll have more responsibilities. I now have to check the houses that the missionaries in my district live in. Planning will be moved from Thursday to Sunday, and district meeting also will be moved to Sunday---ahh. It’s kind of cool and sucky at the same time, seeing as Sunday’s are bad working days. The only hard part we now end church really late and the ventana have to travel far so it will be a bit difficult.

District meeting---the last we will have in Wednesday. It was on personal study. I thought it went well. One of the biggest things was to keep a study journal which I am starting again. It really helps to remember what you studied. Then I went on splits with Elder De Olarte to the ventana and my comp with Elder Avila in our area. Well it was a crazy day to say the least- the ventana is pretty far by bus and somehow De Olarte got us on the wrong bus and we started for the Ermita---the other Elders area. We rode that bus for like 40 minutes before he figured out it was the wrong bus. We paid, got off, returned to where we started from, and started all over again. Lots of Pesos and lots of wasted time! We ended up going through a poorly planned day and traveled a lot between the ranchos that are there. But I was patient and just wanted to see how he works. Some good advice at the end I think. I also got some bad news---that Elder Andersen went home for depression---poor guy (He’s the one that left the MTC and then came back out 6 months later). This time he won’t be able to come back but he was released with honor.

Elder De Olarte and I made some good plans and then we had to get back with our comps. Lucky some cool guy gave us a ride in the back of his truck. We got with our comps and went back to our house to quickly to drop off some stuff and then we filled out a progress report for out mission leader. Finally we were able to go out to work. Our mission leader's wife made us sandwhiches.

Contacting in the morning---normal stuff. We had an appointment to eat but the hna wasn’t home so we ate with Areli and her mom---thank goodness they are there for us. After that we went to the Ermita so i could conduct a baptismal interview. My comp heads off with Romero and I go with Jensen. First we go to their house so I can do a house check (if it’s in good condition). Then to the interview. It’s the husband of the lady I interviewed. Unfortunately he had drunk coffee that morning and wasn’t able to pass next---week we hope.

We went to knock doors and the 2nd door surprisingly was opened to us and we gave a lesson to some crazy catholic lady and her son, who was cooler. Like all the Catholics she had some made up scriptures to tell us. Lots of catholic say there is a scripture that says help yourself so that I can help you---apparently Jesus said this. Well she says like Jesus said pray to my mother so that Ii will help you. I was like what the heck so was my comp. Her son seems like he has probability to progress. Nothing else cool happened until the end of the day. We talked to some guy that had talked to other missionaries a while ago, like a month ago. Anyway he seems really cool. He knew a ton of stuff about Joseph Smith, what year the Book of Mormon was translated, etc. He has been reading the BoM and the gospel principles book. He says this Sunday they won’t be able to go but the next one they should be able to make it. I hope so! That would be 4 baptisms.

This was one of the most stressful days of my mission. We started with splits so we could go to the both wards and no one showed up to church. I had to make a bunch of plans with our mission leader and missionaries from the Campestre ward. We are making more plans to get out there to work with members better. I was waiting for my comp so we could eat but he got there way late---actually we had already started the district meeting and then he got there. The Ventana had to leave early to catch the bus so they didn’t get stuck here. We got back home and made some plans with a sister to help us work with a family.
At 8:30 my whole district met at the zone leader’s church and a brother from the ward took us pretty far out of town, to a canyon and river and stuff. It was cool and we had some fun adventures.
Love you all

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