We tried visiting Jesus, the son of the crazy catholic lady, but we only saw his mom and she said that they wouldn’t be listening now. Contacted after that and we end up talking to some crazy guy who said he was a Jew and that he has killed lots of people because they were going to kill his dad and other weird stuff. He also said that he lives only from the first 5 books of the bible. We helped Hno. Sergio and his wife build a shelf and then contacted a few references---hopefully they progress.

Contacted again and we actually had a few people open there doors and let us teach them although they may not progress. At least they let us in.The wheelchair lady---who knows if she will progress. We then met with Alejandro and still going strong. Met with our ward missionaries it went well except that our mission leader didn’t go so Ihad to lead the whole thing.

My companion wasn’t feeling good so he slept in more. I felt really goodabout my study time. It’s becoming really good,especially since a use a study journal really helps to remember the stuff. We went to talk to a reference, a less active that has 3 kids in the age ready for baptism. She gave us permission to teach and if the kids want to baptize---then cool. We had to go out to the villa Juarez la ermita to do a baptismal interview for Carlos and he passed this time YES!

MY comp just turned 21! Elders Romero and Jensen called in the morning and we all sang to my comp. Our first cita in the morning fell through so we did some contacting. We had an appointment to eat and it was all vegetables and not good. We met with Alejandro, and he is doing great and really understands everything---and his family is cool. Plus they bought a cake and we celebrated my comps bday. We rushed to the next cita and no one was there.Met with Nestor, the cool guy that reads a lot, and his wife. We talked with them forever---they had lots of questions and said this week no church but the next week there would be. Good appointment though.

Well today was crappy. One of those days where all the appointments fall through! We did have one that went good thought. One little girl accepted a baptismal date. Then the phones weren’t working---they were all suspended for the night because some crazy shootings happened in Torreon. Nothing to us though.

This time I went to the Morelos ward meeting and my comp to the Campestre ward meeting. I got there a bit early and set up the sacrament, along with the Bishop. Martha, the doctor, gets there and we confirm her finally---after like 5 months of being baptized. That was cool. Then the baptism changed from Saturday to Friday. The classes went well and we got some stuff planned for the baptism. Then I rushed to the other church where my comp was and we ate. We met with hna Paula and the fam.

Soccer today and I twisted my ankle again---not horribly though butit does hurt. After that we had a huge water balloon fight---that was fun. After that another game of soccer, which ended in hard feelings, not really cool.Anyway still fun day.

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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