The sprain was worse than I thought I also screwed up one of my big toes right foot. The day pretty much sucked considering we walked a whole bunch. Luckily one of the sisters gave me a wrap that was cool. We taught Alejandro the plan of salvation and it went well. We had some plans fall through so we went to see Nestor and we focus on prayer and the importance of it.

Well we did teach my sheep activity for the sister missionaries---unfortunately we weren't able to find anyone really good. Then we had to walk forever long---which sucked especially with the state of my feet. We had a food appointment with a lady whose dad is not a member and so we taught him but I don’t think he will be baptized any time soon. After that we went with hno Chung (super weird guy) but he has a sobrino (nephew) that goes. Unfortunately his sobrino wasn’t there. We had to meet with Alejandro to get all the paper work and stuff done for his baptism and then to Hnor Sergio’s to make sure everything goes smooth. My comp did give me a blessing so that will help.

We had divisions today and I went with Elder Mill's (the ZL) to his area and Vargas (ZL) went with my comp to our area. First thing Mills does is to have a baptism interview for Elder Harman (another missionary in the zone) so I get to do divisions within divisions. Unfortunately the interview for harman didn’t go through---poor guys. Then back to our work and we knock doors. We find this kid and teach him good lesson. After that we got to eat and did we eat like pigs. I had like 10 pieces of carne asada, and like 15. We had a few other really good lessons also. My fav was the last one where we taught a whole family----everyone at different levels of understanding, one that hasn't ever listened to the missionaries before. As we taught the spirit was strong and she accepted her baptismal date cool. All in all the divisions were good and I was able to learn a few things from Mills.

So we get back together in the morning and go with Hna Claudia (wife of Alejandro to) to make sure that everyone is ready for the baptism. One of the arms on my back pack breaks so we go with hna Paula and she is able to fix it up super-fast. The baptism! Lots of people showed up and the baptism goes super well no problems. I think that hna Cluadia even cried. She told us that her daughter said that we were the most spiritual Elders she has known because Alejandro has listened to lots of missionaries before and never accepted. After the baptism we had a FHE with Nestor and his family. They asked lots of questions as normal. After that was over my comp and I get in a fight----really bad one. He was pissed but in the end we got it fixed and we really felt the atonement of Christ help us to forgive and forget and become friends again we should definitively work better now.

Waited for my district to get to my house so that we could all go together to the conference with Elder Del Hoyos, a 70, (he spoke in conference). We finally all get together and we get there. It was long, but a really good conference. I learned a lot and found some new ways to work to get more investigators. We spent the rest of the day searching for people which were not to be encountered.

Super stressful day. I was finishing my talk for Sunday and I get a call that the thing we were supposed to have after church would be canceled until next week so I had to do my district meeting. I had to plan that also. We separated to go to church, both of us had talks, but in the different wards. My went well although I had to speak 30 minutes cause the two kid speakers didn’t go for very long. I bashed a little and loved a lot. Two niƱo investigadores and some less actives came to church. District meeting and I tried something new that everyone would tell me something special or spiritual that happened in their week. I think it helped bring in the spirit. Surprise----the assistants show up and I was like o crap. I hope I did well.

Cool day. With my district again we go out and do something cool. Alejandro, the recent convert, took us to a bridge the ppuente of ojuela and we got to go into a mine. Afterward Alejandro bought my comp and I KFC.

I love you all

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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