14 months!

We go to visit an inactive guy, who has many problems that we are going to try to help him overcome, and reactivate. Then we visited some older members and we tried to get them to set up an appointment with them but they said they aren't interested. I was feeling kind of down and not a lot of love for the people I was speaking with. So I said a prayer to myself and asked for help to be better and feel love and it worked. I felt so much better and a lot happier to work. Our plan to speak with the missionaries from our ward but they didn’t show.

We have a lady (Sandra) who is good but we can’t her so we brought in Elder Uribe and Perez to meet her. We next went to teach Nestor and boy did we have the very hardest lesson of all time. He had been reading way too much and he asked us about how God could have been a man before? And how is it that we can be like him, and that the bible doesn’t have any sort of writing on this. Well we tried finding things and we failed. But in the end the spirit worked and I was able to explain it in a way that I never had thought of before. It was so amazing. We said a prayer on knees so he could ask if it was true and we all felt peaceful. Dang that was hardcore.

1st we go to Paula’s house and we teach her how to be a missionary. Then with the very last bit of money we have to get to consuelo to contact and eat and then to return. We taught these children and it was so frustrating--- they are the grandchildren of one of our hermana's. Anyway they are very slow learners and don’t have a long attention span---it was frustrating but we have to continue with them because they are possible baptisms. Then with Alejandro our baptism---cool guy and family.

In the morning we went to take out our money and I got shorted like 100 pesos. I unfortunately had to go twice to take out money and after the second time like 3 old people in a row asked if I could help them do it so I helped them it was super weird. We ran to our house, dropped off our stuff and went to a cita with the inactive guy that has problems. Unfortunately he wasn’t there so we went back and ate really fast. We had a lesson with 4 people, but really only two listened and said they would go to church---we shall see. We had a good lesson after we ate with a member who helped us understand and see some more scriptures about how God is like us how we can be like him. It was cool. Then we tried finding people that are less actives no luck. Then a baptismal interview for the zone leaders the kid passed--- he is cool.

Lots of wasted time trying to find people today with no results. still tired from last night but I still feel good because I am being very obedient studying better than ever and I feel the spirit more but still a bad day. Although at the end we were able to give out a book of Mormon and then we ate with Alejandro and his fam (carne asada). We now need to prepare him to receive the priesthood.

Well we go out in search of less actives and inactives. Our search failed for two reasons. 1st my comp had bathroom problems and 2nd almost everyone we tried to find either wasn’t home or didn’t live there anymore. We tried to talk to Nestor but he wasn’t home but we talked to his wife. I don’t really know if they will progress sadly.

Alright well I forgot yesterday to start fasting so I ate breakfast and started my fast because I felt bad. I knew it would be hard but worth it. Studying, planning, and then we had to separate to go to church. I went to Morelos this time. Hno Chung crazy guy brought one of his nephews--- 8 years old cool. So hopefully we can teach him and baptize him. The people we hoped would come didn’t. At the Camprestre ward my comp says that we had the kids and 1 other lady cool. Then we had a citya with the children but it fell through because I had to stay to have a meeting with the zone leaders---we learned about some of the changes that were going to happen in the mission.

Played soccer! Ate cake cool! Some went to McDonalds, but I went with the majority to KFC. It was cool.

I love you all so much
Elder Keefin Bickmore

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