Sunny day but not really hot----surprisingly!In search of less actives and the like. No like. We go to a hna's house to see if she had the reference that she was going to give to us….she didn’t have any. So we go contacting with not much success so we go eat at ahna’s house. She gives us some omnilife health packets. Free is cool. We had a meeting with the ward missionaries at the church but they didn’t show up…. lazy, freaking lazy people. Then we taught the children again and it went a bit better. FHE with a lady and ex missionary. Poor lady her---dad isn’t a member and doesn’t try to be better, and her cousin, I think, is also an ex missionary doesn’t help her out with anything.

The only things cool about today was that we found a less active girl who we may be able to get to go to church. And the talk we had with Alejandro about the Virgin Mary and stuff like that. We had an activity at the church----lame though.
Well seeing as yesterday we ate some gorditas, not the best but what the hno bought us we ended up having a crappy day. Literally! We took some pills though and left to work. We talked to one lady--who knows she could be cool. After that our day went downhill. Our diarrhea continued and my comp now was feeling like he had a fever so we went back to the house---orders from the president’s wife and rested. The bishop came and talked with us at the end.

Our curse continued today---haha. Not Diarrhea---just achy stomachs. I did a baptismal interview for a guy named Omar. Really cool for the Zone leaders. He passed---by far the best of the 4 interviews I have done. We went out to work and as we were contacting we went up some stairs and coming down---- well it didn’t end up how I would have hoped and I fell, twisting my ankle. Seeing how my luck is no good no one even asked to help they just passed by----they didn’t even ask if I was OK. We hobbled to hna paula's, the closest house where I iced my foot.

All day in the house, resting, studying, icing.

Church as normal today and then we held District meeting. We got our super cool Zone shirts for the pictures we are going to have. We went to Alejandro's house so my comp could say bye cause we were both sure he would leave. They gave us donuts----yummy. We got the call and yep my comp has changes and I’m going to train.

Weirdest day of my mission. We no longer have the big meetings for the changes so we just dropped my comp off with his zone and the hno who was supposed to stay with me couldn’t so the zone leaders told me to stay in the house so I had like 2 hours alone. I stayed safe in the house like a good boy.Alejandro took me to the mission house where the trainers are going to meet their new comps. They let us use the internet fora bit in the Soriana (a store like Wal-Mart). Well it looks as if I have to leave soon to meet my new comp

I love you all
Elder Keefin Bickmore

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