I wish I could update for you guys but forgot my stuff at home so until next week. I’ll give you a small one here.

Well it’s all going well. We found a few new people this week that could be really cool,unfortunately some couldn’t make it to church. We now have to study two hours together every day and we have a portable DVD player for learning purposes. My comp is cool, although he acts like he knows more than me sometimes---a little annoying. He is also a bit preppy but he has lots of energy---that is good. He misses home so we are working on that. We may baptize two children this Saturday so that would be good for him. Lots of hard work and working on having more faith. Today was cool. We played some soccer---I took it really easy and then a member of the stake paid for us all to eat at a Chinese buffet. I wasn’t really sure it would be the safest so I just had orange chicken, with a few other things.

I'm doing well a little stressed sometimes. I must learn to be the best comp and more patience.
Elder Keefin Bickmore

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