The highly anticipated two week update.

In the morning we had to, again, go to Torreon. Another 50 pesos…I'm so poor now. We got a DVD player with the district 2 videos to help us learn. In a few weeks the rest of the missionaries will get theirs. After that we had a meeting with the bishop of camperstre ward. Good meeting----we will be getting a new mission leader(yes). We went a lady from our ward, Hna Carmen, to visit a reference (daughter). It was a very weird lesson. Hopefully we’ll see progression. We bought cleaning supplies---super cleaning of our gross house.

We left to go work and the first citas, of course, had to fall through. So a contacting we will go, a contacting we will go, high ho the dairio a contacting we will go. And we found a lady,Hnaluz. She could be really cool. She was mad at God for taking her son and we explained she could see him a again---really cool.

Unfortunately most of our plans in the morning didn’t go through. All of our citas fell through. But there was 1 street, with like 4 houses, and I felt like we should knock a door. A lady let us in and we had a good lesson with her.

We talked with less actives in the morning. the ones the randomly showed up at our door. Anyway they are pumped to go to church. Then to Lerdo to do another baptismal interview and it went well. No meeting so we went out contacting ---search for people that will progress. Then super lejos with Silvesttre a good lesson.

Nothing special except when we went up the hill to the funky houses there and found some quizas(remember disturbia) cool people. Some people, like hna luz, fell through completely also the friend of hna Carmen. I watched some of the things on the DVD and learned it’s good to listen then take the time and get an inspired question or comment not just speak, speak,speak.

Crazy morning. We went to see if, by chance, Hna Luz would go to church but not home---like normal. We got to the Bishops house late and he had already left for church so we had a fun and crazy time finding people to help us and we finally did it. No investigators except the kids. After church we met with the kids to plan their baptisms.

I played soccer although wrapped my ankles to make sure I didn’t mess them up more and didn’t play hard--- basically just goalie. A member of the stake bought us the Chinese food. After that we and a super long and powerful lesson with a catholic lady unfortunately she didn’t accept.

What we thought would be a cool morning---- well I’m sure you guys can guess what happened. We went and contacted with the hna Carmen and we got a few citas. We taught a lady named Patti and her mom prohibited the use of Spanish on my part as she wants her daughters to learn English so I did a Spanglish lesson. Tee first part of the lesson sucked as constant interruptions were made but the end was good. Then Elder Andersen in Torreon called and gave us a reference of someone that has a baptismal date.We talked with Carmen, an investigator, and had a small lesson with her

This morning we went and contacted with hno Sergio and we taught a few lessons but the people won’t progress. We have faith that we will find someone. Then we went back to Alejandro’s, the reference from yesterday, and he is way cool. His mom accepted us really well. Anyway I think he will definitely progress. Rushing back we taught Kristi and she’s not doing well. She received an answer to her prayer but didn’t accept it. Met with Silvia but she doesn’t want to change. Finally we met with the ninos--- good lesson they learned a little faster this time.

The only good thing today was the lesson with the children they are now ready for the interview tomorrow.

I will have to finish the rest next time sorry---don’t have time.

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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