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Crazy day! Today is the zone conference day so we have to leave by 8:15. So I’m about to shower and in a towel only. Then a knock on the door…I think the ventana Elders arrived early. But no it was the bishop from Campestre ward. He just wanted to talk with us and get all of the stuff planned so that we can get the work going better. While we are discussing the work the ventana gets there. After he leaves I shower fast and we get to the conference. O my gosh---longest Zone conference of my life. It was supposed to be from 9 to 2:20 but went until like until 4pm and then I had another meeting until 5:15. It was good but ruined lots of plans and, we had no food---noooo. Anyway the conference was good. We had talks about diligence, service, and the love that we need to have for all of the people. Anyway so we have baptismal interviews at 5 so the mission pres. takes us to the church where we will be having them. The kids pass no problems. I then had to interview a lady that the ZL’s have ready for baptism and the first thing she tells me is that she doesn’t really know anything and is just going to be baptized for her husband. I was like-----uhhuh----what the heck! Anyway I felt I should continue the interview and tell her to pray right now and ask GOD if she needs it. A super long interview follows, totally guided by the spirit, as I was just going to not pass her. Inspired questions and the stuff! Super strong spirit and it ends up she knows the stuff and really did want to be baptized. She passes---it was crazy.

Slept in seeing as I was sick today. After I got up we planned the baptism and I had to take a nap, just no energy. We get to the church and like 6 other elders are there. The zone leaders because they are going to baptize someone, Perez and Cooke because they are interviewing someone, and then Feliz and Uribe are also going to baptize a person. Anyway are baptisms are at 5 and its 4:20 and the font is still draining super slow. So we get out buckets and make a chain and empty it fast and we get it all ready in time. Baptism YES! Everything went well. Some people got there late and all but in the end all is well. Then we meet up with Alejandro, a reference. He lives in s super rich house and they accepted us very well----cool kid.

Church today and I was supposed to give a 20 minute talk in Sacrament meeting but other speakers only left me 5 minutes. I wasn’t able to really say anything. Just remind them of their baptismal covenants and to spread the word. I found out that Alejandro (reference we visited the day before) didn’t like our ward and left to go to a Torreon where he has a friend in one of the wards there. Noooo!

No soccer today. We went to Torreon to pick a movie that Elder Avila let me borrow. It’s a video that has lots of church movies in it.

We find one cool guy this morning and he says he wants to watch to the Saturday session of conference. I hope so. I took some money out cause I will have to do some hard core traveling to do interviews in the ranches, the ventana, and the ermita. We ended up having a good talk with Kristi. Then with Alejendro, the recent convert, and his family we watched the Joseph Smith movie and then talked about the duties of the priesthood. Sweet!

We go contacting with hno Sergio from the ward. We get some sweet news today. We will be getting 1600 pesos not 1400 a month. 200 pesos more a month----yes. We meet up with Alejendro and he still wants to go to the Torreon ward, not ours, because he has friends there.

Divisions today with La Ermita cause they had some baptismal interviews I had to do. So i go with Elder Romero in his area, and my comp with Elder Lunt (Lunt was my comp in the MTC) in our area. It was cool. Elder Romero and I had someone accept a baptismal date and then I interviewed the baptismal candidate--- interview goes well. The second interview doesn’t go the same because the guy doesn’t show up. But it was fun and Romero is really cool. We don’t get to bed until late though cause we are doing magic tricks and talking.

In the early morning we meet with our comps and the ventana in the middle meeting area because now I have to do divisions again, but this time only for half the day. Elder Avila goes with my comp and I go with Elder Larsen. Erika, a lady I am supposed to be interviewing for baptism gets there super late. We wait and are searching for her for like ever long and finally the interview---she passes no problem. She is cool. Then we get our money (YES!) and to eat with Alejandro and family.

Super confusion day. It is conference eday and also we have the baptisms. Most of the wards told the people that conference starts at 10, the 2, and then 6. Anyway no one is there. We get there early to help the Ermita get everything ready for their baptism, which goes well. Then we eat then go to the next session.

Conference again and we had an investigator come to the 1st session. We have a meeting between sessions so we are late to the 2nd session by about 1 hour.

Soccer but not for long as we had to wash clothes.

Love you all
Elder Keefin Bickmore

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