Well basically every cita we had today fell through. We did have a food appointment and the food was really good. They invited us back for a thanksgiving dinner… the ladies Mom grew up in the Mormon colonies in Juarez, so she has all the American traditions. We talked to Carmen, the one that went to conference, and she accepted her baptismal date. YES!

We had a super long lesson in the morning with the wife of a guy who has been a member for a long time. Who knows what will happen with her. She has fears of what her friends will say. We then ate with the Mora family and they gave me some shampoo. Lots of contacting! We talk to Silvia again but who knows. As we are walking back some one runs ups to us and she us if we are the Mormon missionaries. She, and her husband, are members and just moved here and they want us to go to their house Saturday and bless the house.

We talked with Erlinda and her sister and then did some service. After that we had a lesson with the niƱos we baptized. Our next cita fell through so we met up with Sergio the mission leader. We talked with Nestor again and hopefully sparked his interest again.

Craziness! So we have a long lesson with Duarte's esposa again and my comp kind of screwed it up but it was a good learning experience. I left him alone because he was talking too much and he messed up but now he knows. We talked with Alejandro, he is the kid that wants to go to the Torreon ward with his friends, and he wants to get baptized in Torreon on Saturday. So we just start planning stuff. Elder Andersen is good with it if he goes to church with us Sunday and then goes and gets baptized there and has his interview tomorrow but in the end that doesn’t work cause thee assistants say he must be baptized here (our ward) and he didn’t want to but he accepts in the end. We talk to the bishop so that he knows. We then go to visit Carmen, the one that has the baptismal date set, and she hides from us uhg!

Some more phone calls made and planning for the baptism and then we teach Eicel. We meet up with Alejandro and we teach him tithing and about the Word of wisdom. He accepts them. We go to the church for his interview and he passes---YES! We clean the church with the bishop---well actually while he is trying to fix the pump to drain the water in the font, which doesn’t work, so we just have to fish the cockroaches out and kind of make it clean. We finish the cleaning of the font, kind of, and then we finish cleaning the church. We go around inviting people to the baptism. We invited the Bishop to go with us to the family that just moved in and he blesses the house. We also learn that the guys family, whom they live with, aren’t members but are interested so hopefully we have 4 new people soon

I learn that my baptismal pants were left in Durango nooooo! I guess it’s lucky that Alejandro's friend will be doing the baptism. Anyway I need more pants for baptism. No one we hoped for shows up at church for the baptism. The baptism, although started late, went amazing---like 75 people were there, more that we had in either of our wards. Oh we are back in our building which means 6 hours of church---uhg! Anyway most of the people are his friends and members from Torreon. His mom was crying during the service, that is a good sign. After the baptism we had district meeting and it was on repentance but focused on the missionaries. After that I had a leaders meeting. I basically spent like 10, if not more, hours in the church. I can’t complain because well we baptized! Well that about all
I love you all so much

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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