Long day! We ran out of gas so cold showers. So first we go to see if Duarte's wife was free to talk with us but she was busy. Then we contact with Books of Mormon in hand the new way of contacting. Met with the Urrea family---good stuff. We went on splits with the Elders from the
ventana and then we had our interviews with the Mission Pres. As normal the pres got behind and we got interviewed way, super late. But it was coo--- got to talk with the other elders. My interview was super-fast just like you’re doing good keep it up---cool.

More cold showers cause we haven’t bought more gas. My comp felt sick so he slept some more. Then we contacted with hno Sergio. We found one lady who could be cool. We searched for some old investigators and nothing.

So in the morning we went to Torreon all from generation also to renew our visas, because we have been illegal here for like a month, I’m an illegal immigrant---YES! Ha-ha. We contacted when we got back and then talked with Alejandra about coming to church. She said she would go i hope so.

Lots of tracking and not a lot of listening, but whatever. We ate and after we went with Alejandro who was just baptized and they fed us again---I’m so full. We talked with him and his mom about the Holy Ghost. At the end of the day we went with a referral and well she may

We went to visit with the hna Duarte. I don’t think she will progress. More tracking and then we met with Eicel. We helped her with a problem that she was having. We visited some older investigators and we will not visit them anymore they don’t want to have anything to do with the church. We met up with Alejandra and it’s all looking good for tomorrow and church.

Well Alejandro got confirmed---YES! But no one came to church. We even went out for them and nothing. We had district meeting. I had Elder Avila and Lunt do a large part of it. The ventana Elders slept at our house because we have an activity early tomorrow. Not a lot of sleeping done.

Well we took like the 2 hour trip to the dunas de bilbao, but it was kind of cool. We wrestled and jumped rolled and got lots of sand in our clothes. Then we buried Elder Romero, like his grave, as this is his last week.
Love you
Elder Bickmore

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