We still have no gas so the cold showers continue. Some tracking but to no avail. We taught a Christian lady Adventista of the 7th day or something. Anyway we gave her a Book of Mormon and she promised to read and then pray to know if it’s true. We met with Alex, the teenage kid we baptized, ---short lesson and then talked with Eicel. The ventana called me saying that they needed my help. I have to do an interview there tomorrow with the Munoz familia. They are cool and they sing. He has a rock band. Anyway we made a cita to teach his parents and brother and sister.

We went to see Sugey, she was a contact from a long time ago, but we never have been able to get a hold of her. This time she was there and it was a sweet lesson because she has so many questions and she is really interested. She doesn’t have a religion but wants to know what the truth is---that’s why we are here (Here come the men in white teaching with the spirit). Anyway good lesson----unfortunately this week she can’t go to church as she has a wedding to go to in the city of Mexico. So we will see her next week. We went out contacting and to eat. We head off to the ventana to do the weirdest baptismal interview, for a deaf and mute child. Just imagine! It didn't last long, the interview. He just signed and I basically understood. He knew lots though---surprisingly. We played this game called rebote, it’s like racket ball without rackets just hands---fun. We came back and tried to visit a few people nothing.

WE go to our first cita no one there so we start contacting in the area and then go back to see if the person we had the cita with has arrived. She did! Her name is Luz, which means light. Anyway she is older, like 61, but she is really nice---although a little weird. The rest of the day ended with cita after cita falling through----whatever!

We try visiting a few people but nothing so we stop by a Hermana’s house because my comp needs a backpack. His is breaking and unfortunately she didn’t have any. We go and see hna luz. She is doing well. I think she will progress very well. After we eat with go to Yolanda’s, the adventista of the 7th day. She was angry---she just read the introduction and just tried to look for errors she didn’t actually want to know. Lucky now I have some Buddha like skills so I stay calm. She also caused us to be a little late to a baptismal interview I had to do for the Zone leaders. The guy has to talk with the second counsel to the pres for some issues so I couldn’t pass him.

We ate lots today---like ridiculous amounts. The zone leaders bought us ice-cream. We cleaned the church with the bishop. No one listened! We are still happy though. Until hna luz calls us telling us she doesn’t feel worthy to go to church and some other weird stuff nooooooooooooooooooo.

No one that we had invited came. We gave talks. I talked about the atonement of Jesus Christ. Lunt stayed with us because his comp Romero finished his mission and is in the mission home. We talked way to late ha-ha.

We picked up Elder Lunt’s comp at the bus station. He is a bit weird.

That is about it my fellow Bickmore's

I love you

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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