Sugey couldn't meet this morning but she said she would call us when she can. We went to hna Luz’s and she is doing well. I had the idea to tell her we were going to bring a member and she said that could be really important in her taking the step to go to church. We talked to the hna Esperanza and she seems like the perfect person to go with Luz. She said she would. We had a lesson with the mom and sister of Antonio, the new member who moved here. Good lesson---mom has so many doubts and questions. We quickly said goodbye to Nefi as he leaves tomorrow for his mission. We get a ride to our next lesson with Gilberto; he is the husband of Marina, which is the sister of Claudia, the wife of Alejandro, who we baptized a long time ago. Another member of their family for baptism hopefully. He is cool but didn’t accept anything yet.

We worked with Sergio in the morning and then we contacted for a little but no one accepted. We talked with the hno Reeyes and he actually gave us a reference. We taught Eicel, with Jared and Bibi.

Grumpy and tired today! We went to see the references from Reyes, with him, in the morning but they didn’t want to listen. We dropped off a report with the hno Sergio. We went to see the Muñoz family but the mom was too busy----again. We taught some 17 year old name Jesus. Pretty cool kid. I had a meeting with the ZL's in the evening and then we went to visit Gilberto---he seems to be doing well.

We left early today because we had to see Elder Lunt and his comp in the Alianza for divisions. Lunt and I went to sign our visas---we are legal now YAY! We went to his area the Ermita as I had to go to the internet to send some reports to the ZL's---a new thing uhg. We taught a lesson and then I had to do an interview. It went well. She was a cool lady. It was a good day we laughed a lot but good stuff some cool people. I wasn't really feeling all that good---bathroom lots of times. We met up with our comps at night in the Alianza--- ahh. Very scary---lots of cholos around.

Knocked lots of doors, taught a few lessons but nothing really all that great. My stomach continues to be a pain now----just eat and it hurts. We talk to Patrici, the lady that likes to talk in English. She lived lots of time in the states and even in Utah. She is a member but has had some issues with the church so she hasn’t gone. Hopefully we can help her. Kind of a super long talk and lots of stuff. Stopped by the church for a second and then onto see how Alejandro and his family are doing.

We actually had 4 people at church YES! We made some plans with the bishop and mission leader. Then District meeting one of my best ones---on how can the spirit guides us. My district is sweet.

Stomach continues to hurt but not so much. We play soccer.

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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