Today we went and made some plans with our mission leader and then headed back home. We actually found a hermano with some references--- hopefully we get some citas with him. Then some kids threw an egg at us, totally missed though. Walking back and they threw two more eggs---losers! Lucky they missed, only tiny bits of splatter---basically nothing.

I had to send some lame report to the zone leaders so i had to use the internet. We talked with Alejandro and told him he needs to go to church this Sunday to get the priesthood--- he said yes. We talked with Jesus and he said he’ll go to church but didn’t accept baptismal date. Visited some less actives.

Talked to Luz again she says that without a doubt she will go this time I do hope so. Then we talked with Sergio---it’s the day of the dead, kind of lame nothing special. Then we had to take a taxi to get to our cita after eating just to have them cancel on us how gay. We visited Eicel and she says that she isn’t sure about baptism because her parents are being extremely difficult right now. We get a call that the wards are getting put together this Sunday and that we have to tell as many people as we can.

We contacted the whole morning and not one person listened to us. We ate late so more contacting. After that we visited a less active with Jared, our mission leader, and we were fed again. We visit Patricia---lots of issues but she says she’ll go Sunday. After that we went and met up with Gilberto---who basically says yes to baptism but not to a date.

We talked to Luz today---getting her more committed to go on Sunday. We taught her about the plan of salvation. We had some citas fall thought and then some fat drunk guy talks to us (really crazy) about how he also used to preaca. We visited some members and less actives to tell them about the change of hour.

A meeting with the ZL's about some changes well not really changes just some things we got to do and then a few contacts. We talked with Alejandra---she seems to be progressing better. We tried to visit Jesus but not homeso we talked to Patricia. Lots of work recently and not lots of success but we'll see tomorrow.

So we split with Jared and his bro. I go with his bro to pick up some people. We go first to Edgar’s, a less active, and he takes us in his van---sweet. We pick up Jesus and Patricia. So we have a less active driving another less active and then an investigator cool. Also Luz went---sweet turn out. Now the ward looks good---more people there today and they combined the wards---no more 6 hours of church.

We ate at sirlon ---it’s like sweet tomato but with more meat.

Love you all

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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