Sending reports has become annoying, but it makes the work go better with the stake presidency, so whatever. Lots of citas fell through today so we did some knocking of the doors. We also visited Patricia, the less active lady, and I bashed her---she needed it trust me.

In the morn we had a meeting with the Mission President and other leaders. It was better planned this time, seeing as we only ended 40 minutes late! I didn’t learn too much because the meeting was more to inform the new district leaders of their responsibilities and I am now the longest serving district leader in the mission---wow crazy. Call me Sage Bickmore if you will. We didn’t have time to drop off our suits so we had them on the whole day contacting and everything, which turned out to be a blessing because randomly turned cold and we didn’t freeze because we had our suits. Taught a few lessons---hopefully one of them progresses.

We talked with hna Luz and said she loved church. The only problem is she smokes a lot---like 25 a day uh oh! We visited Alejandra and she is living with someone. She’s not married so we talked about chastity. She didn’t really like it. We met with Eicel---basically she fell through.

Another Mission President meeting but this time with everyone. It was cool had a lot to do with being worthy so that we can have the guide of the spirit. We contacted some people that we had contacted before and weren’t there for their lessons and a few listened but not a lot of interest so we contacted more. It’s so cold in the mornings now.

We tried to burn a DVD for teaching purposes to no avail. Then we taught a lady named Guadalupe, she seems cool and said she will go next Sunday as she can’t this Sunday. We met with Eicel---totally gone, not even a chance because her parents. .

Well this sucks. We left with two members---two cars to get people and not one investigator came. Luz says she can’t get rid of smoking and the others, who knows why they weren’t home. We had a good district meeting---made some plans to really improve our work so hopefully we get to baptisms.

Cleaning the house today. We had the ZL's over, along with Elders Payzant, Ellgin, and Montiel. We ordered pizza.
Love you guys-- Elder Keefin Bickmore

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