Did I tell you guys that I finished the book Jesus the Christ. It was sweet.

More reports YAY. We had to cut our hair today because we had technical problems yesterday. The hair cut sucked though. We visited Alejandro and Claudia to get a video from them and they gave us fish for lunch. Knocked lots of doors, then we had a meeting with the ward to get some stuff planned and then with our mission leader to plan other stuff working with members more. But most of the members are lazy.

We went and knocked in Villa de las Flores for a while then we went with the father of hno Sergio. He is 95 and told us straight up he wouldn’t change. He was very interesting---his memory is very good still and he has lots of stories, like going to Jerusalem and the likes---pretty cool. We were of course late to the comida because he talked to us for like 2 hours. Citas fell through, which sucked. We had a flood in our bathroom which we had to fix today.

We went in search for some old investigators from other missionaries but we didn’t find one. We contacted around that area and found one new person to teach. We contacted like three and a half hours and nothing. We fasted so that we would be able to have the help of God. We need someone to teach this week. We visited a few members to show them a video to get them excited to do missionary work and give us references—didn’t work out to good.

We visited Luz and we made a new plan with her so she can stop smoking. She accepted this one better and we think it’s possible that she will be baptized---but like in January. We then talked to this girl, she’s 15, which is kind of a problem, but she may progress. Some Baptist tried bashing us so I bashed him back---but kind of lost control, but he deserved it. We had a good, super long lesson with Gilberto. I feel like we learned an important lesson, to focus more on the people and how to help them get to baptism, instead of trying to force them to do it. I think he will be baptized. I hope so.

Well we walked, worked, and wished for success but mostly disappointments, fallen through citas, and empty dreams. We did end up meeting one really cool guy. My comp pretty much screwed the lesson up, mixed up the order of stuff, but in the end he accepted to go to church and said we came at the best moment. Then we talked to some crazy less active.

Everyone cancelled on us except Gilberto are only hope of baptizing soon. We had District Meeting and it was not my best either.

My comps birthday today so we went to Pampas (like Tucanos) and a hermano from the stake paid most of it. The rest of the day sucked though. -- Elder Keefin Bickmore

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