Divisions today so my comp went to the Ermita with elder Montiel and Elder Lunt came with me. We walked so much today. We almost had someone accept a baptismal date she seems cool her name is Brenda. We were contacting and we did a bit of service. I ended up cutting my finger---not bad though. It was a good day all in all---we are very tired.

The bishop shows up and talks to us in the morning about some stuff to help the work. We tried finding references that a hermano gave us---no luck. We stopped by with Claudia and Alejandro to see how things went with their friends, it didn’t go well, and they don’t want anything to do with us. We contacted a whole bunch and then we talked with Gilberto, and he will not be baptized this change, which means we won’t have a baptism this change.

Well what a crappy thanksgiving! In the morning we go search for more references and we found one lady who could be cool. She is a Christian and knows a heck of a lot---she speaks Hebrew! She actually listened really well and didn’t try to fight that as good. We had a little fight, my comp and I, but we apologized quickly and both learned a lesson in patience and stuff---we are all good now. Sucky food but whatever! The hna gaves what she can. We had a bunch of citas planned and all but one fell through and the guy isn’t even a good prospect---we had cancelled a thanksgiving thing with the ZL's for these citas---whatever! We passed a restaurant and the owner invited us in and talked to us. He’s weird but gave us free soda and said when we pass we can take a seat and drink some soda---sweet. Also there’s a guy (deported from the states) who live in Alaska 23 years.

In the morning we went and saw luz she is doing well with her plan to stop smoking and is actually doing better. We ate early and headed off to the ventana for the baptismal interviews. The 1st interview is super quick, like 15 minutes, and no problems. Then I did their house check to make sure everything is ok and went back to do the second interview. This interview didn’t go so well, at first she told us when we got there that she wasn’t ready---what! Second time I’ve had someone tell me that. So I start the interview and out of nowhere two of her friends barge into her house. Elder Larsen comes out and sends them away and I was able to continue. Towards the end her grandma interrupts---o my gosh. So we went to another part of the house and after like 1 1/2 hours, with lots of examples, teachings from prophets, scripture, testimony, and a prayer on knees she says YES! WOO HOO!. We get a ride in the back of a truck back to our area then take a bus try some citas.

We visited references and actually found a guy. He’s older and not from our area but he could really be coo so we will pass him over. We visited more references, along with a cool guy, not from our area, but he just doesn’t understand that only one church can be true. We then met with Brenda and had a good lesson. She seems really good, she just needs to go to church but says she probably can’t cause she may have to work. Then we tried finding old investigators and nothing. We invited Patricia, the less active, and she said she'll go.

t one person came to at church today and it was super cold. Like half of the members only came to church. I'm so sick of no one going even when we do everything we can to get them there. We had a meeting with the bishop and mission leader to get the members more involved and then I had district meeting. Lesson was on studying the scriptures. So coooold!

Cold again this morning---I need another blanket. We went to wash our clothes and then headed out to the ventana. We met Elder’s Lunt and his comp half way. We played rebote, it’s like racket ball without the racket and on some wall outside. Really fun with the six of us. Hurts the hand after a while though. Then the hna made us chicken for lunch.
Love you all-- Elder Keefin Bickmore

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