Anyway after we left the internet we quickly bought food and then we went to talk with Jared, our mission leader. My comp was feeling really sick, which was unfortunate. When we got back to the house he went straight to bed. I wasn’t feeling to hot either, not super bad, just not well enough.

Cold today. I had to send off my report to the ZL’s and then we went and took Cynthia, the cousin of the hna Claudia, to hna luz so that she could get a job. The hna Luz didn’t really look to excited to talk to us about the gospel. I started feeling really bad, achy body and everything. I think what my comp had got passed to me. We went home as I needed a little nap so I laid on our couch and the whole day way. Woke up around 10pm and then went to bed and slept the night away.

ZL's came over to check on us. After they left I slept again, basically the whole day. My comp wasn’t 100% either but better off than I. At the end of the day my stomach started hurting like a beast, like in the alien movies as if one was leaving my stomach. (Note from Allen----I left the next part of his story out)

We actually left today to work. I was still a little weak so it wasn’t' a super day but it was nice to get out and work. We visited the hna Luz and she seemed OK. We explained everything really well and we got her excited about the gospel again. We went to eat, my stomach felt a bit off but not too horrible. We made a few visits basically they all fell through.

In the morning we left to go the The Ermita to visit Elder’s Lunt's and Monitel’s. I had a baptismal interview. Elder Lunt needed overalls for the baptism and we didn’t have them so we made a plan to get it to him but first the ZL's would have to get us the overall they have. We made a plan which became Operation overall swap. We waited forever for the bus to take us to meet the ZL’s. We have to go through Lerdo, the ZL's area, so this when our plan comes into action. I called them when we get close, unfortunately the plan almost failed cause when I called them I didn’t see them and we passed by. Luckily a red light stopped the bus and the ZL’s were able to catch up to the bus by running and they passed us the overalls. Right after we got the overalls the bus started moving again. Operation overall swap was a huge success. We got back to the area and the interview went really good and the candidate passed easily. I had to perform the house check and then we head back. We are walking to the comida and a members car is dead so we push it to get it started then he gives us a ride halfway. We get to the comida and no one there. We wait and nothing so we leave. We decided to go to another member’s house to eat and right as we get to the new member’s house the comida calls us. She was at a funeral, a hna in our ward died, and the service was today. So we ran back and ate with her. We visit the wife of an inactive, maybe she will be good. We met with Patricia, she seems different, ready to change.

We go to Paula’s to wash clothes and eat. We went to another’s hna’s house and helped her move some things around. We visited the Reyes, the ones that had lost a family member, and talked and read some scriptures, it was good, and we felt the spirit. We went with Claudia Alejandro and the family and as always no one fasts here and we always get offered the best stuff when we are fasting. Ahha!!

We had to less actives attend church---that was cool, they are now active. We had 1 investigator also. Super spiritual testimony meeting---lots were crying. Mostly when the family who lost someone bore there testimonies---super good. We had to give a blessing. We had district meeting and it went well. I spent like 100 pesos on doughnuts, drinks, and ice cream for the party. We got pictures of the district---good stuff. We went to say bye to Paula y fam. Waited for the changes and wow---I am moving to a new area within the same zone---what the heck. I hate packing. My poor comp his next comp is a loser. Finished packing picked up my comp dropped off other missionaries and then I ate with our mission leader. Got my packages, super sweet.

Love Elder Bickmore

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