I'm so tired I didn’t sleep well on Sunday. It was very cold today. We had to go to the church for a meeting with the ZL's, luckily a lady gave us a ride part of the way because we didn’t have bikes today. Yesterday on a crazy bike ride my comp popped his tire so we have done lots of walking. We bought groceries as we couldn’t yesterday and came back in a taxi. We ate with our mission leader and the other two elders in our area (Elder Felix and Ramirez). We had to fix my comps tire, which took a while= and then went to visit a recent convert, who is paralyzed---pretty cool guy.

We stopped quickly by the internet so I could print some stuff off and then off to knock doors. Seeing as we travel by bike we travel faster but my butt hurts. Also its cold so going fast makes it colder, especially if there’s wind. Knocking doors actually worked here. We found two ladies who accepted fecha (date). We then visited some less actives that have a bunch of kids at the age for baptism. Next time we should have some good lessons. We taught Victor, he’s nine and almost got baptized but the elders here before were dumb and didn’t teach him well so we will and will baptize him. He now has a fecha YES! We talked to Karla, she's 20 and just needs an answer from GOD so she accepts a fecha. We go super far to teach Santos and Karina---they just need to decide to get married. We visited people to make citas.

In the morning we weren’t able to study because we had to go to industrialso so I could do a house check. We also helped the elders there perform service for a hna----moving stuff upstairs. We then returned to the house for our bikes and contacted but no success this time. We had to go with Elders Feliz and Rameriz for their house check because the last DL didn’t do any. We went super far with the others to go eat and when we get there no one is there---noooo! Turned out Elder Feliz had received a message, after we left, that they would not be home. So we go with another hna and she gives us food, better than nothing is all I can say. We taught Victor and then taught a less active, recent convert and her daughter, who was going to get baptized and never did. They said they'd go Sunday. Then we went to the zl's house to drop the reports off. We tried to find some people

What was supposed to be a great day wasn’t so cool. None of our citas went through in the morning. We saw some old investigators and nothing---no one is going to progress. We went with Maria Teresa, the slower lady, uhg---horrible lesson. I don’t think she will progress. She doesn’t understand anything. As we were traveling my handlebars broke and now the tire goes crazy. Tomorrow we will have to fix that because now we are walking our bikes. Also if you wanted to know I can ride my bike with no handlebars, no handlebars, no handlebars. I’m cool! We got the dad of Victor to sign his paper work so we can baptize him. Then we visited a less active family.

Well this day was hardcore starting with the morning. So our boiler attacked me literally. First time this has happened. I tried starting it up and it blew up in my face. Burnt off my eyelash on right eye and part of the one on my left. It also burned part of my eyebrow and a bit of my head hair. It kind of hurt---not gonna lie. Stunk also! We went and fixed my bike. An older man the missionaries’ call the abuelo (grandpa) gave me new handlebars and put them on and everything only for 10 pesos. He’s cool and yes he's a member. While he was fixing it he let me borrow his super horrible bike to go to a lesson which fell through, so we returned right after and helped him fix my bike. Taught a few people but nothing too special. We went and talked to Karla but first her little sister came out and talked with us. Then Karla. We figured out that they have no love for each other so we tried to help them so it would be a happier home. We told them to hug each other and Lluvia (rain yes that’s her name), the little sister, like 15 years old hugs me. It was like---uhhhh, super awkward. At the least they promised to go to church Sunday. We were going to return home so as we were leaving we had to go down a hill---pretty fast. We see some kids to the side but we didn’t really think that much of it. The little kids, mostly a little girl, runs out into the street and I almost hit her---so close, like by an inch. I was yelling “no no no no no”. By a miracle I didn’t kill her or die myself. Next some teenaelseres (teenagers) almost hit us. Wow! how much can happen. We go to tell a hno that we do need his help tomorrow and he had a dog in his porch (not his dog). It is where they pull the car in. It was a pretty nasty dog----kind of mean. So we try to get rid of it so they can pull their car in safely. My comp comes up with the brilliant idea to throw rocks and the dog gets really mad and attacks him, almost biting him so he kicks it. It launches itself to bite again and he kicks it again. The dog then it returns to its spot then. We look closely and figure out that it has a dead puppy next to it and is trying to protect it so we felt bad. We give it some food and then call the hno and he says yes he will help. Crazy day!

Studied and planned. We go to pick up some investigators; both Lluvia and Karla come to church but nobody else. They both made friends, that was good. After church we have lunch and then dist meeting, which started with the zl's and a getting to know you stuff, the norm. The dist meeting went well. I have to get used to my new dist still.

We brought our clothes on our bikes to the other elder’s house as they have a washing machine. It’s not all that fun bringing a huge bag on a bike. We went and played soccer and then back to wash our clothes and the washing machine didn’t work so we had to wash by hand, which took like two hours. We had to buy groceries, on a bike. We got our clothes and our groceries and brought them to our house, even less fun---on a bike with lots of stuff.

Well that about all love you guys so much
-- Elder Keefin Bickmore

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