First we went to the internet for the normal report sending. We went to fix my tire---it totally popped. We saw Victor and filled all his paper work out for his baptism. Went to talk to the mission leader but he was home so we left a note. Talked with the kids---awesome lesson accepted fechas, all of them. Then we met with Guadalupe and Vicky. Her active son came from another city he should help us.

Had a meeting with the zls and other DL’s in the zone. We discussed ways we can do better and all that good stuff. Then I did divisions with the ZL’s, Elder Payzant and me, and my comp went with Elder Ellgen. Elder Ellgen went to do our baptismal interview (Victor) for us. It was cool with Payzant. We are buds. We got pizza and taught some pretty sweet people. I learned some good stuff from Payzant. Then we get back with our comps at night.

So tired....I am finally starting something that my last bishop hinted we should do. Go and visit members and raise them up spiritually. We sing a hymn and make sure they are reading, praying, fasting with a good purpose, and going church, etc. If not, invite them to do it and check up on them periodically. We are doing this so that they will want to help us more because they will feel the spirit. Also we offer service and ended up serving the whole morning---good stuff. We go to the church to start the preparation for the baptism. Elders Felix and Ramirez help us and start cleaning, and then we go buy cake and soda and all that. We get back and there isn’t any agua in the font. (nooooo)! So we spend like 30 minutes and finally we get it started. Victor, the kid, doesn’t show. We call and they say he changed his mind. We head out on our bikes, super fast, and well, yep that’s what he decided, and now we have no baptism but we have a full tank of water and cake and stuff---haha. Oscar, an investigator, showed up for the Baptism and we talked to him then ate our cake. At least that was good though.

We read about patience this morning. I think God is telling us something. We left and did some service ---moving blocks, lots of blocks kind of heavy. The blocks decided to fall on me (3 of them) cut my arm, got my leg and my foot, but I’m good. That’s what happens when your muscles are stronger then cement---lucky for me! My forearms died the next day. They gave us soda, beans, and meatballs. We visited a member to see how she was doing and then we helped Francisco, a recent convert (paralyzed) to get into a taxi truck so he could go to a wedding, which we also went to. It’s an ex missionary from our ward and they fed us. Super lame though---they made us wait forever and barley any food. Also super lame music. We visited Oscar, he is super cool. Lots of questions although he didn’t accept fecha. I know he will. We met with the kids---another good lesson. They are great.

We again visited some members to check on them. It was good cause the members that give us to eat today was very little and the member we visited fed us chicken yummy. She also said no missionaries have done that and she liked it. We visited Oscar, still good, but we couldn’t go for long cause then we had District Meeting. It was ok. We visited Santiago and Elizabeth, tons of questions and they love to talk but it was cool.

We went to get the niƱos but their mom had left all of them ready to go to church but they couldn’t because there mom or aunt is really lame. Luckily god blessed us with 1 person Oscar and he is super cool. After the services we had a mission activity in the plaza. We brought chairs and tables and a bunch of stuff over and Oscar helped. We left to eat quickly and Oscar stayed to help. We got back and started to get people to go to these tables, full of stuff from the church, to get references. Oscar stayed until like 6, helping out and being cool. After the 4 of us Elders Felix, Ramirez, my comp, and I who are all in the same ward went to drink hot chocolate and eat some cookies some member gave us good stuff.

Luv you all
Elder Keefin Bickmore

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