Couldn't get to sleep for some reason. My my comp started snoring which didn't help. Needless to say I’m tired. Again Elders Felix and Rameriz came over and showered. We went to the internet and visited some hnos. We contacted a lady but she doesn’t really seem interested. We met with Oscar and he is still progressing, although he has a few word of wisdom issues---not really bad though. We hurried to find a hno from another ward to help us get to our next lesson---he took us in his car. Super close to where we had just left---how lame! Unfortunately the guy isn’t married so baptism will be hard. We brought some members with us to talk with Karla and Lluvia, it was good lesson. We visited our mission leader and he took us to pick up sandwiches for tomorrow. We have a Zone Conf and we were told to bring food Again very cold today.

Zone conference in the mission home so we had to leave relatively early. We left with Elders Felix and Rameriz. We dropped our bikes off at their house. It was a cool zone conference. We first played games, like answering questions on preach my gospel, and if its right using a sling shot to knock cans down with pictures of the missionaries and no one knows whose are whose. Also throwing a balloon and trying to pop it above a cup to fill the cup up---I got wet. Then a piñata and board games. We ate, and surprisingly watched the last half of harry potter 7 part 2 super cool. The training came next; part of it was good, really spiritual. I think it will help us be better. We also had a gift exchange. My comp gave to me Antonio Banderas cologne---smells good. I'm Zorro now ;) The pres and his wife gave us a tie--- good one. Then we got home at like 11 haha---not my fault.

Sweet day! Success contacting---found a cool lady and while we were contacting some guy contacted us and said he wanted to talk with missionaries again. We had a FHE with Karla and Lluvia, testimonies on the book of Mormon and it was great at the end we put on the video testimony of Holland---so great and they said they no longer have doubts YES!!!. Their dad is a Christian, and always says bad stuff about us, so they were confused no longer. I know the book of Mormon is real and it has power if we read it and apply it. It changes lives and the words of living prophets and apostles also have power.

HAPPY B-DAY TEAL---18 YEARS AND I HAVE 18 MONTHS out. I hope it was a good bday---the last one without me. Great study in the morning. We found a cool reference and then we talked with Jesus, the guy from yesterday. He is a smart guy---he knows 5 languages and the whole gospel just made sense to him. He actually explained a bunch of stuff it was great. District meeting was on the Book of Mormon and living day prophets. I had Elders Hernandez and Mercado give small talks.

We tried to work but no luck. We only actually found one person a less active, recent convert named Sandra. A lady I passed as a reference from Campestre---super cool. We ate Carne asada with our mission leader---this is the house I was at when you guys phoned me on Christmas. At 12 it got crazy here, a bunch of gun shots and stuff. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Soccer today and bought groceries and then washed our clothes in the morning. Fixed comps bike. That is all we have done today.

Bye --
Elder Keefin Bickmore

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