Not a good start to the day but better with time. We had lots of our citas fall through so we went to visit people; one of them is a recent convert who needs help. Actually the whole ward needs help---tons of gossip and crap. Our mission leader had come over in the morning and we had a long talk about the state of the ward. After that we did lots of contacting we found a family; Victoria, Luara, y Jared. The dad didn’t listen. They accepted fecha YES! We then had another meeting with the mission leader.

Contacting in the morning. We found a guy named Jesus. He was kind of cool but has some problems. We talked with Celia, a contact from a few days ago, and she accepted a fecha. She is super cool and super animated. Then we had to walk super really far to talk with a recent convert and her family.

Well we went all the way to the city of Jerez, over an hour away by bus to do an interview for the hermanas. The hermano Rodolfo passed but was a little hard to understand----he’s old. Our cita with Victoria and fam fell through---not home noooo! We went out to do some contacting and then to the church for an activity that didn’t end up happening.

Today sucked. All of our citas fell through. The only good thing was helping out a lady at the beginning of the day. Our cita with Celia also fell through, although she promised to go to church tomorrow. We visited the owner of our house, an ex-bishop who lives below us and his wife, and we had a good lesson.

Nobody came to church today----very depressing but we must continue. We finished our comp switch after my comp gave the district meeting. We got two new elders in my district. Elder Gallegos (6 months) and Elder Alverez (from Utah---new). They are cool.

This morning we went first to play basket and bang and then we had an activity. A short devotional and then food. We then we watched two of my videos, only a stonecutter and john tanner a treasure in heaven. We try to apply them to the work we are doing. It went really well some were crying and we had recent converts there----about 59 people came----more than go to church on Sunday haha. -- Elder Keefin Bickmore

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