We ended up wasting our morning to drop off our clothes with a Hermana and she just kept talking and talking. We visited some less actives and we happened to find some non-members with them. The father of the family and the grandfather, unfortunately the grandfather didn’t stop talking, so they lesson wasn’t so cool.

We then met with Erlinda, unfortunately her daughter the non-member, was sick and couldn’t attend the lesson. We had an appointment with Gustavo and Xochitl but they don’t want to progress. We contacted a neighbor and she seems cool.

In the morning our mission leader came over and gave us 200 pesos for food and told us the good news that a Herminia decided to get baptized this Saturday---YES! We went to contact and were able to get a few citas placed. More less actives but annoying lessons luckily my patients is improved.

Today we went to Villa Nueva to interview the Herminia and all was good with the interview. Long trip so we didn’t have a long time to work but hey we are going to baptize ---YAY. We met with our mission leader and we planned the baptism and then he bought us hamburgers.

Lots of rude people in our contacts today but its fun. We talked with a hna who had almost been baptized but because of some loser members she wasn't and now doesn’t want anything. We actually found people contacting and taught a few lessons---some were good. One of them, a lady named Lucia, even accepted a fecha. We also found Blanca and Lucy but they can’t go to church this week---hopefully next week.

Like always we had citas fall through. We met our ward mission leader at church and he took us to Villa Nueva for the baptism. It went super! 3 nonmembers went to the baptism and one of them is progressing well. We also had a lesson right after about the authority for the nonmembers. We gave blessings that they wanted to all three. After we ate chicken ending our fast.

No one at church here but in Villa Nueva one nonmember went and the Herminia got confirmed. Then District meeting and it went really well.

We played a game called bang as a zone---it was fun and addictive. After we ate pizza.

Elder Bickmore

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