Went to go get my suitcases and everything good except someone stole my camera. I have absolutely no luck whatsoever with cameras. The temp is cooler here---nice. We got a quite a good visits in. I feel we will have a good amount of baptisms. We helped a hermana cook

We met with our missionary leader in the morning then we went to take out money---still no rent so I didn’t take out my money. We didn’t find anyone as we went out contacting but we met up with our mission leader and he bought us pizza. We talked with Erlinda, her daughter was asleep unfortunately, so another day. Then we talked with an old investigator Eduardo. He is cool hopefully he progresses. I am feeling kind of sick---uhg.

Well it was a decent day. My body ached the whole day but we worked. We 1st talked with Erika, she’s a Christian, she seems cool and she helped us to talk more about Christ. Then an interview---super cool guy, but he must talk with the pres to get baptized. We went to visit a less active lady and just ended up talking with her husband, a non-member. Contacting forever long and well not feeling good wasn’t cool. A less active family promised they’d go on Sunday---they are super cool.

Pretty cool day. I was feeling a bit better. We visited a less active, recent convert. I also saw a Xango distributer sign---kind of cool (Note from Dad: Keefin worked at Xango in Utah before his mission for about a year). Lots of contacting and then we ate with the bishops wife---she’s cool. We met with Nasdira y Erlinda and Nasdira is really cool. I think she will get baptized. We met with some other really cool people but they aren’t married noooo! I hate that so much even more because they accepted a fecha.

Well early morning we met in the church to leave with some members to do some service and teach some people in Villa Nueva. It’s a large community---50,000 people. But the church is super small there no organization cause they don’t have enough people, only about 24 and only one worthy, active Melchizedek priesthood holder. We helped set a few things up, made a visit with this old guy but he was lame. We headed back and taught the wife of Hector, a recent convert. She’s cool but just won’t accept baptism. We got back late so a cita fell through and we went to another but no real progress.

Cool Sunday---no one we really expected went but we had a few people none the less. Also an area seventy came---Elder Villa Lobo. He had a really good talk, talking about how without obedience there are no blessings. Good first district meeting here.

Well g2g love you all

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  1. HI, i was surfing at the internet, and i found this, i like that you wrote, I´m Nasdira :)