A good amount of contacting today becuase a few citas fell through. We went to teach Ayax but only his wife, Alkimia, was home. She is cool and said she will go to church and will help her husband. She is less active. We brought a member with Oscar so he could get to know other members. Next we met with the Mission Leader and on the bike ride home we had a deep discussion on how to make the mission better.

Meeting with the ZL's---they talked a lot about stuff that they learned in a meeting with the Mission Pres, how to change the mission by helping the missionaries, stuff I had just been thinking about. We talked with Angeles, she’s cool. Her mom and sister were there and I believe they will progress---mostly her. She asked lots of questions and she seems to know a lot about the bible. We taught this guy, a contact from a few days ago, and his whole family was there---5 people cool.

The FHE we have planned for today may not go through as the mission leader’s daughter is sick. We met up with Ayax and Alkimia, not a great lesson, I wasn’t really all that focused unfortunately. We had a cita with Nayeli as her interview will be next Wednesday and then with Angels. This time her bro was there and he is an inactive member he seems cool though. We tried with a fecha but didn’t accept.

We had to leave early morning to go to Torreon for a district leaders meeting. Elder Paskett and Garcia came over then we split up. Long meeting but it was good---focused on how to help the missionaries themselves get better---not just focus on the investigators. Ok day today. We invited Ayax and Alkimia--- more like reminding them to go church tomorrow. We met with a hna Liliana, we contacted her a little while ago, and she is way cool. She was studying with the agnostics; apparently she was baptized a long time ago as a little girl but stop going right after when her dad died. Anyway she really liked our discussion and luckily I have studied hardcore and could follow along. She has four kids (three at the age of baptism)! She says she will try to go tomorrow but can’t promise.

Ayax and Alkimia couldn’t come---they had problems but surprisingly Liliana and her 4 kids came. She is so cool. Great We had 5 less actives in church that was sweet. Cool district meeting today---a duo. Elder Paskett and I did taught---sort of role playing, with lots of practices. We found out we have changes--- Elder Perez is leaving and I am staying.

Normal issues in changes but in the end all good. My new comp seems cool. His name is Elder Sosa and he is from Veracruz. He has 14 months in the mission. Also has two sisters but he is the youngest. Love you guys-- Elder Keefin Bickmore

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