We contacted and found someone decently cool. We had a cita with Angeles and Patricia. They are cool---they just need to go to church and some time to accept it all. We found Esperanza again and we will hold a fast for her so that her husband can relax and let her go. We then me with Liliana and her kids--- they accepted fecha

Meeting with the ZL's we have some plans to make the zone more spiritual, hopefully it all goes through. We know it will bring more blessings. We are going to do stuff like fasting twice a month. We found a less active---she is cool and she even gave us a reference. Then with Yolanda Marcelo and her daughter, but they are kind of weird they could progress though. We met with our mission leader to plan some things and then met up with Oscar, our recent convert, such a pistol. He had the opportunity to share his testimony three times Sunday with three different less actives he met.

Contacted and found another cool lady. Lots of contacting today and everything fell through. Then we met with Oscar, his dad, and his family but they don’t seem like they will progress.

Super hot today and not good because we're fasting. Everything in the morning fell through so we went contacting. We met with a less active and then a cita with Angelses and Patricia. They are still cool and say they will go to church---hope so. Then with Edgar, a recent convert like 6 months ago, to help him prepare for the Melchizedek priesthood.

We helped a hermana that had twisted her ankle really bad. We washed her dishes and swept and stuff then she gave us some references. We tried to find her references and nothing. Then we met with Yolanda---we're going to drop her she doesn’t progress. We had stake conference, Elder Lestor Johnson. He is cool and bashed all the lame members.

Stake conference. Unfortunately only Angelses showed up but thankfully someone showed. It was really good especially President Flores's talk, our mission presidents talk, and Elder Johnson's. We had another meeting a right after for members and new members. Elder Johnson ripped everyone apart even a little bash to our president. Then to District meeting on revelation. Why? how? and how to recognize it. It was good.

Only thing cool today was we ate at Pampas (like Tucanos) again. It didn’t cost most thanks to the rich second counselor in the stake pres.

-- Elder Keefin Bickmore

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