No gas that means cold water shower YES my FAVORITE! Divisions today with the zone leaders and Elder Castellanos came with me. Elder Castellanos wasn’t used to the bike; also he’s a bit bigger, so he was slow. Contacted, taught a few lessons but no one that wants to progress. We went to teach Angelses and Patricia and the lesson went well. Then we went to teach Liliana y the kids and it also went well.

Again no gas to heat the water so another cold shower y the air is cold this morning (Very cold). Our study was really cool today we asked for revelation to know the needs of the more difficult elders in my district and opened the scriptures to the answer it was very spiritual. We went the church building to get our comps and meetings. Rest of the day was decent nothing special. We watched the story of John tanner with Oscar, you should all watch it---it’s great. Then preparation for the activity tomorrow and I have to sing part of a hymn—solo.

Planning the activity and my comp had some issues with his stomach causing us to leave for the meeting a bit late. We contacted and found a lady---she’s is inactive and her daughter isn’t a member. We had another cita with Angeles and Patricia and we brought a member also to help. Then the activity. It went well---some confusion, not as many people as we wanted but the spirit was super strong and yes I sang a little solo weird! Then went to get pizza.

Contacting the whole day! I felt really good and the sprint was with us, definitely powerful testimonies and everything, but no one accepted. Weird day cause I felt really good, although nothing really good happened.

Meeting with the President, followed by interviews. Finished late as I knew we would. The meeting was really good though the spirit was strong. We only had one cita, with Liliana and her kids, they are progressing well.

Angeles came to church today---yay! Also Liliana but not all the kids. Jose was sick so that pushes the baptism back. The last class horrible, they just bashed the members no spirit and investigators were there. District meeting after church and my district all gave the lessons. I just sat there. It started raining really hard and on bikes we got soaked. The 4 of us went with a hno and got hot chocolate and he started his fireplace---so nice and we watched the Joseph Smith movie.

-- Elder Keefin Bickmore

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