We had a meeting with the president today so we had to leave pretty early. It was a good meeting, although half I had already heard in my other meetings. The 1st part talked about how to start teaching, then into obedience. After the meeting as we were returned my tire exploded (kind of). Had a rip in the tire and the tube was coming out of the tire. We went to eat and then back to work---yes with the messed up tire. We found a new guy his name is Victor---he seems pretty cool. Then we met with Edgar and his family and how a good lesson

Mixed day today----good and bad. First we went to visit with Raul, Flor, and Lupre. They could progress; we'll see. Visited some less actives and then we went and fixed my tire. We visited with Laura and Simon and Laura accepted fecha--- Yes!

We had a meeting this morning and then had to go to the store to purchase some medicine for my companion---for his eyes. We visited Francisco (wheel chair guy) and then Liliana and her children. If they go to church this week we can baptize them. More contacting after that.

I wasn't feeling it today at all----just feeling crappy. We found some new people but my heart just wasn’t there. Then we went and helped out the elders in my dist from industrial area. We had divisions and I went with Elder Ellgen.

Divisions were good---we did service and visited some people. My stomach had a few problems but it only affected us about 5 times---haha.

Church the kids went Yes! We will have three baptisms this Saturday. We contacted with no luck and then we had District meeting. It went well and the entire district participated.

Dodge ball today---unfortunately everyone was super lame today and almost no one went but it was still fun. I'm super tired today

Sorry not a long update not the best week and not a lot of time

-- Elder Keefin Bickmore

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