Not a good day as all of our citas fell through, along with my patience. A good talk with the mission leader---he had some good ideas

Meeting with the ZL's and then we tried to find a nonexistent house. Edgar a recent convert of like 8 months helped us out---a little funny though because the first thing he said was baptism---ahha. The hna seems cool though. We, along with a member, visited a less active and his nonmember wife. Turned out to be a cool lesson, although she believes in the Virgin Mary so it may be difficult. The hno Gerardo is super cool though. At the end of the day my comp and I kind of fought, then talked everything out and made some goals on how to be better and how to help each other do it so we have the sprit with us more.

Crazy day seeing as we have the new mission rule to not wear just sweaters unless we also have a suit jacket on so we don’t look like normal teenagers or young adults. I was in a short sleeve shirt and it was cold. We looked for a certain area and never found it so we just contacted a bit. Our comida was really far out and while we are eating it starts raining so we leave in the rain (on bikes) and then it starts kicking up mud onto our clothes ---fun stuff. We get to Juan’s and Selene’s place super dirty and had a short but good lesson. Then we go and change and met up with Nayeli for her Baptismal interview. She passed it. We had a lesson with a family, full of smoke the house, but a pretty good lesson---i feel that some of them can progress.

We lost our desire today---this just hasn’t been our week. We had a lesson with Liliana and her kids—good lesson. We had a few citas set up but they all few through so we contacted. We had to help out the elders in the Jardin area---feed my sheep activity where we go and help them find people. I went with Ellgen and we actually found a super cool family---dang it, I won’t get to teach them. I think they will be baptized and that is a good thing.

Today we saw this less active lady again and she was super stressed. She looked like she wanted to just give up on life---super stressed out. Her partner left her and she has babies and he won’t give her food for them and a lot of other stuff. So we helped her with 20 pesos---not a lot but more important was we had her do a prayer and she calmed down and we talked for a bit and invited her to church. Then we passed quickly by Nayelis house. She is ready baptism tomorrow YES! Also she let us borrow a pan to heat up water or milk then I made us some hot chocolate. Yummy!

We got up early and to the church to start filling up the font at like 7:30. The baptism went well. Although my comp couldn’t get her all the way in and he had to do it like 5 times. Only Julio and Cecelia went to church so we have to see what happened. District meeting after church and it went really well. It was on committing and having faith. I used a talk, parts called qualifications for a missionary. Then we, the zone leaders and I, sat down and talked with Elder Mejia and Ramirez as they have been having problems. It was a good hour talk and I think we got it a lot resolved. They have super bad issues. But the sprit was super strong. My comps birthday to so we had little cakes for that.

We ate at KFC for my comp and now we are going to get our hair cut. We had to wash our clothes by hand again---uhg.
We are doing well----I’m happy
--- Elder Keefin Bickmore

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